Aspire Higher
Coming Home to Him.

There is a song right now by Phillip Phillip entitled Home
Some of the lyrics say this: 

"The trouble it might drag you down, 
if you get lost you can always be found. 
Just know you're not alone" 

How grateful I am, that I know that whatever trouble drags me down, the lost can always be found, for I know that I have a loving Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ who will always come and find His lost sheep. 
We must continual seek Him. 

Today I had the opportunity to go to the Brigham City Temple Open House. 
It isn't my first temple open house, and I hope certainly that it is not my last. 
As I walked through those halls today, 
I hungered and thirsted to be able to understand, 
and at the same time had a quiet reverence for what these temples hold. 
It's not secret, it's sacred. 
And while I wandered through that soon to be sacred home, 
I knew that no matter what I would come here. 
Eternity is a long time, but if you have someone you love what would eternity be without them?
The beautiful thing is that families can be together forever. 
How sweet that knowledge is to know, that someday we will all be one eternal family. 
I know that I can be through continued obedience to my Heavenly Father 
and through sacred covenants I make with Him. 
It is, as it has always been. 
He has provided the great plan of happiness. 
And included in that plan, he has always had temples so that His children might obtain
the ordinances needed for each and everyone of us to dwell with Him again. 
So that we might obtain all the He hath. 
I can say, that without this knowledge my life would be much different. 
It was such a wonderful opportunity today, and though it was only for a short hour. 
It was worth it to watch for one hour, and to leave my foot steps among the countless others and the countless many unseen who rejoice as I do that there is yet another temple. 
That there is yet another house of the Lord we might come home too. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
 By: Emma Marie.