Cheese, Crackers and Cute Husband Things...Post 2

Alright, it's here. Finally. 
Post 2? 
Yeah, I'm supposed to have 100 here is another few. 
After an amazing seminary lesson, 
here are some more that I (and other classmates) came up with
and yes, I love them. 
p.s. you can see the other post --> Here

35. Will be okay to let me have my own dance parties and join in with me. 
36. Will lay there with me and just forget the world
37. While laying there with me, will watch the clouds and find mythical creatures, or African safari animals
38. Knows how to cook and will be willing to help do so
39. Good lister and will enjoy listening to whatever I have to say 
(equally I will want to listen to whatever he wants to say and has on his mind) 
40. Will wrap his arms around me when I'm sick 
41. Will like to talk about the gospel and understands the importance of the atonement. 
42. Pushes me to be the best Emma I can be
43. Will be hard working 
44. Respects the priesthood that he holds
45. Love his Heavenly Father more than he loves me
46. Respects his mother and helps her often
47. Will be able to have intellectual conversations with me
48. Is trustworthy - and keeps secrets well
49. Good Hygiene. 'nuff said
50. Serves other people with all of his heart and would give them the shirt off his back
51. Not controlling 
52. Respects my privacy and just lets me have my space to be me
53. Gets along with my family, 
54. Loves kids and is good with them
55. Will watch NCAA Basketball with me (and other sporting events accordingly). He will also be sitting with me yelling at the crazy referee calls and missed shots....

....that's all for the moment, half way through though! More later? Yes. I think so. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

Hiding Behind the Lime Green Sharpie

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

"Those Days"

I've come to this conclusion, it is you that makes you happy - not everyone else. 
Now, you're probably asking yourself why I didn't figure this out sooner. 
Sometimes I think though, I must not be the only who hasn't figured this out. 
So here is my tiny piece of wisdom. 
At the end of the day, what do you do?
Do you smile? Do you laugh?  Do you cry? Do you crash?
Because that's how you judge your day by how you felt. 
You can put on a pretty face during the day, or laugh your "cares" away, 
but when you're all alone in your room at night, that's how you really feel. 
I thought back to the days I danced alone in my living room and had my own dance parties. 
I thought about how I actually cleaned my room and blasted music while I did it. 
I thought about how I talked to everyone....and was just my happy outgoing self. 
I remember those days, and this week I decided that's what I wanted, I wanted "those days". 
So guess what, I had those days. 
That is completely what today was and it was incredibly happy. 
So my little piece of wisdom? Have your own "those days" - and make it a good one. 
Yes, you've got a whole life to live...but if you keep remembering,
I'm imperfect -- might as well have better days. 
Fact: You Will. 
Mind over matter someone once said, and I hate to break it to you kiddos,
but Mind IS Matter. 
So make up your mind and have what matters....

Ah today, how do I even begin?
I made it on time to seminary. Bell beater -- yep, I am. 
Journalism - finished a scholarship - missed Mr. Mac. Silly student teacher, why'd you say he'd be back?
AP Bio with the worst analogy ever "why would you want wrinkled corn? That'd be like asking a cannibal if they wanted to eat an old person or a young person..." yeah, that one made way more sense in my head. 
Lab partners with Danny? P.A.R.T.Y. Thank you seating chart gods, thank you. (jk)
Came home, worked it all out. Made it to Econ...took a test....enjoyed it...sort of. 
Applied for scholarship - check. 
An amazing magical two hours with Hannah. 
Things I love: Wind, Chapstick, Hannah, Drives, Hills. 
UVU to pick up my lost cousins? (yep, they were lost boys).
Finding out that I'm normal. Success. 
BYU Game - well, that was an interesting game. 
Thanks Daniel & Jared for inviting me. Best thing ever. Best time ever. 
My roomie is here! I love you Rachel. Mucho. 
Reoccurring thoughts today:  Senior Ball - I really want to go, BYU GO BYU GO! (yeah, that's my school), life just keeps getting better, how do I explain getting attacked by a tree?, Does he like me?, I have a really great Heavenly Father who loves me. 

Okay, so I realize this may be the most random post, but I love life. Be your own mind, do what matters. 
Love you all 8]

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

Perhaps a stranger she could love.....and she fights for her life.....

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.


Something always makes it okay, 
for me to stay in your arms. 
But, no matter what I try to do, 
you'll never see, 
I've been here all along, 
but in a moment I'll be gone away. 

You just never saw
You just let it go
And I've never had to say goodbye until today

To dense to see. 
To dense to feel 
To dense to be
the right one for me. 

You're the one who was always home, 
the one on the other end of the phone
I'd call just to hear your voice, 
and I'd know I was stronger than the place I was in.

To dense to see. 
To dense to feel 
To dense to be
the right one for me. 

I live here in some dreamed up reality, 
where you've achieved the potential I've always seen, 
and now you're keeping me down 
for doing the same thing. 
So I'm moving on to just be me. 

I'm moving on from density. 
So I can see
So I can feel
So I can be, 
yes, so I can be just me. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

Blip. Blip. Blip. But What to Say of Beauty?

Virulent thoughts eat me up inside.
How did they become the most superlative contemplations? 
The excessive pedantry over minute details of one's self?
Once I was an existentialist, one lost in a menagerie machine, 
twirling, twisting, entangling in tales of life.  
Now trudging through the brooding ruminations and recalcitrant against it all. 
Wanting and waiting on something with the sound of jocularity. 
Abiding all the while for the audiation of a din to awake my mind.
To take up a new gauntlet and begin again, 
to escape the thoughts that consume my light.
Autonomy to be resplendent again, 
to fight and forget their myopic view of existence.
No dole nor division could shift the frame, 
recapturing the lost by relinquishing the thing
that one could never be. 
But what to say of beauty? 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

Take another picture with your click, click, click, click camera......

Today a friend showed me this song. It reminded them of me. Do I agree? 
Yes, very much so. 
It sums up how I feel most days, forgotten. 
Did I end up in someone else's frame?
Most days, I think yes, today -- I said no. 
I was in my own frame of mind. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

HOSA -- just in case you see these kids....

Sometimes I think to myself, wow I go to school with some really awesome people. 
I especially feel this way after going to HOSA competitions. 
So just in case you see these kids, 
tell them good job :]

Zach Brown - UHA Scholarship
Sydney Lamb, Zach Brown, Thomas Caussat - National Recognition Scholarship Participants
Crystal Apple Award - Sydney Lamb
HANDS of HOSA - Tayler Ashby
CJ Dever & Aurora Freeman - 8th Place, CPR
CJ Dever, Kristen Escobar, Ikaika Danner, Aurora Freeman - Creative Problem Solving Team, 2nd Place
Hannah Harper, Ashely Freeman, Tayla Salvesen - Biomedical Debate, 2nd Place
Emma Smith, Sydney Lamb, Zach Brown - Medical Reading, 10th Place
Hannah Harper, Ashley Freeman, McKayla Morgan - PSA, 5th Place
Parker Christensen - Extemporaneous Speaking, 5th Place
Zach Brown - Biotechnology, 7th Place
Holli Palmer - Sports Med, 7th Place
Alyssa Loosli - Medical Spelling, 3rd Place
Ikaika Danner - Medical Spelling, 7th Place
Thomas Caussat - Pathophysiology, 3rd Place
Brooke Mortensen - Prepared Speaking, 4th Place
Tayla Salvesen - Prepared Speaking, 5th Place
Moe Christianson  -  Research Persuasive Speaking, 8th Place

*forgive me if I spelled some names wrong*

But really....way to go HOSA and everyone who participated! 
Love you all, make sure you congratulate them :]

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

Ugly Prom: The Dress Dilemma

Granted the theme for MORP this year is in fact a brilliant one. 
and I don't know about you...but it puts me in an interesting predicament.
What dress do you buy? And where do you find a dress of such hideous proportions?
In my mind you have three options....

1. The most obvious one, DI: Deseret Industries
-sometimes I think that people donate their clothes here just because they are too ashamed to throw them away. Now, no dissing DI though because sometimes they have the greatest finds. Though in this situation there is only a small selection of dresses, most of which are wedding dresses, that sadly are over priced. 
You might on one happen upon a real gem of a dress. 
Keep hoping, keep dreaming - that's what I'm doing. 

2. Borrow from your mother's, brother's...wait no...sister's, aunt's, dead neighbor's closet. 
-Granted, there is some pretty great stuff in those closets. 80's Prom anyone? Vintage is cool, but those puffy sleeves? Sometimes it looks like you could fit your lunch in there...or another pregnancy. Anyways, this may be the jackpot if you have the hook-ups. The dilemma comes when you have to explain to your mother, sister, aunt...dead not that one, but the rest that you're borrowing their treasured sophisticated stylish dress to wear to an UGLY prom. How do you avoid that one? I have no idea.
With any luck though you may be sly enough to pull it off and it's free. 
Just return it free of spills, tears, grass stains, lipstick, makeup, 
in mint condition with moth ball smell and you're set. 

3. If you can't find it in your local reject store and or have one choice left
If you dare you can go visit "Dr. Google" - please save yourself from sheer terror do not Google "Ugly Prom Dresses"....whoever made their poor daughter go to Prom pregnant. -sigh- I'm sorry dear child of god. 
If per chance you find some other search term by all means try to find dresses, but buyer beware there are some pretty frightening things --- it's a scary dress world out there.
The safer route is to bring yourself to a site like esty or ebay, 
where you can be content in the ugly dress variety you will encounter. 
The problem then becomes, price point. 
For instance, that little blue beauty up there is $49.99 + $11.82 in shipping. 
Granted there are some you can find at a low, low price of 0.99 cents + $10.99 shipping, but let's be honest why would you spend more than $15 on a dress that should have never been made. 

....and the end of the day among other considerations no matter how ugly the dress is you still want to look beautiful, have fun and be able to have more than limited arm movement. 
So the quest to solve the dilemma is on.....
What are your dress choices? Where did you find them? Any suggestions?
I must say...I'm more giddy then a girl going to my first high school Prom to see what ugly dresses the world finds out there, I'm thinking that this prom won't have any repeats...because as there are many pretty modest dresses - I have come to discover there are infinitely more ugly ones. 
[may the creators of those hideous dresses live in the glory of knowing their dress will be worn to some Prom of sorts...and pray the sanity of their creative minds, what were they thinking again?]

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

A selcouth celebration

Today I woke up feeling as if it was going to be like any other day. 
Yes, it's my birthday - but what makes me special?
I'm sure there are a whole ton of other people born today, 
five of my Facebook friends in fact and Justin Bieber (ew), 
and Ke$ha apparently, March 1st is pretty popular I guess.
Thankfully I have friends who would like to prove me wrong. 

Today's birthday began with yesterday, 
thankfully I have my best friend Mike and my 
co-editor Megan to remember me.
Oreo cake anyone? Yeah, Oreos are my favorite. 
They remembered! Even though we didn't have school today, someone remembered when we did have school. So thanks guys for the highly embarrassing off-key birthday song. 

One of my other best friends, Daniel Donaldson, wanted to make me breakfast burritos -- but then I found out the greatest news of all time - today was FREE pancake day at IHOP (The International House of Pancakes) [umm, can you tell I've been on the Journalism staff for too long?). So we went there instead. It was the greatest thing I could've asked for. The whole restaurant singing to me, free food, presents, it was the best time AND we donated 18 dollars for 18 years. Did I mention the server? Hilarious. 

Did I mention this bunch got all of IHOP to sing to me?
Did I mention David and Emily sang a harmonized version of Happy Birthday?
Did I mention that I've probably loaded up on chocolate and will smell wonderful for the rest of my life?
Oh yes and that I get to go on a shopping trip via gift card?
I'm not really sure that I could ask for better friends then the ones I have right now
and yes that means all of you out there. 
The past few weeks I've had such a hard time, 
I really didn't think I was all that important. 
I was just sure that in all the hussle and bussle of life, I got lost. 
I just assumed that the world forgot about me and really didn't care. 
Boy, was I proved wrong -- thanks for showing up, 
thanks for being there when I needed you most. 

After venturing out for pancakes in the morning and receiving some wonderful gifts from friends, my other friend took me to the mall. We did something I've always wanted to do, photobooth! It seemed quite appropriate to pick the one that said "Made in the 90s" because hey, I'm 18 and I was!
Just for future reference if I ever have one of these with a guy, you'll know - it's serious.  

  After spending all day with my friends it was time for the family celebration. We went out to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK). Not my favorite restaurant but one that worked best for everyone (mostly just for my nephews, like that little one in the background there - classic, so classic). Ironically I had fish, we go to a Pizza place and I eat fish - I'm afraid there might be something wrong with me world, uh oh.

After dinner I came home, went back to hanging out with Daniel. Yeah, that kid is best. Oh and yes we have a huge movie list to watch. My mom got called back into work, I was babysitting for a bit and then I got a lovely text from Ben. Oh dear Journalism staff, thank you. I have never actually received a personalized cake in my entire life. I cannot even explain how grateful I am to know all of you. I am thouroughly excited to be able to enjoy this...tomorrow. Have you seen how much food I ate? Ha ha, ya, pretty stuffed here.

I'd just like you all to know that I had no idea that you thought so much of me. I've probably read through this giant card three or four times now and I can't help but smile. Thank you for being so wonderful to me, you guys really didn't have to do anything but I am extremely grateful and indebted to you.

For all of the Facebook status tags and  101 + birthday wishes  (some didn't show up on this ridiculously long list of all of you, 91 others, what?) I am also extremely grateful, be expecting replies to all of those very soon. I am very excited to write back to all of my wonderful friends. It was extremely exciting to listen to my phone vibrate all day after receiving text after text from Facebook. And you all just wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday! So thank you everyone. 

Thank You for the best birthday I've ever had. 
Thank you for being my friend. 
Thank you for reminding me that I am not worthless. 
Thank you for telling me how I am a light in your lives. 
Thank you for letting me be a part of your life -- 
for you are all amazing people. 
I am privileged. I am blessed. 
I am exceedingly grateful for all of you. 

AND NOW.....well, now it's over, but really it's never over.....
all these memories are going to stay with me just past forever. 
and now a random collection of other photos from today :]

Photo 1: Mahi Mahi with steamed veggies, yum!
Photo 2: I'm thinking this whipped cream with ice cream is a fire hazard, yes?
Photo 3: Did you know they have mesh hats for CPK's lemons. 
It's like a mini-lunch lady hat for the lemon!
Photo 4: Nephews like ice cream and siblings too!
Photo 5: 1st photo of my birthday, ya for cleaning my room at 1am. 
Photo 6: David really? Christmas wrapping paper?
Photo 7: This is my sweet mother (not really sure what I would do without her)
and my nephew. Yeah, I love my family a lot. 


(You saved my life, I am eternally grateful-name that movie?)

p.s. Selcouth - meaning strange, unusual, rare. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.