"Those Days"

I've come to this conclusion, it is you that makes you happy - not everyone else. 
Now, you're probably asking yourself why I didn't figure this out sooner. 
Sometimes I think though, I must not be the only who hasn't figured this out. 
So here is my tiny piece of wisdom. 
At the end of the day, what do you do?
Do you smile? Do you laugh?  Do you cry? Do you crash?
Because that's how you judge your day by how you felt. 
You can put on a pretty face during the day, or laugh your "cares" away, 
but when you're all alone in your room at night, that's how you really feel. 
I thought back to the days I danced alone in my living room and had my own dance parties. 
I thought about how I actually cleaned my room and blasted music while I did it. 
I thought about how I talked to everyone....and was just my happy outgoing self. 
I remember those days, and this week I decided that's what I wanted, I wanted "those days". 
So guess what, I had those days. 
That is completely what today was and it was incredibly happy. 
So my little piece of wisdom? Have your own "those days" - and make it a good one. 
Yes, you've got a whole life to live...but if you keep remembering,
I'm imperfect -- might as well have better days. 
Fact: You Will. 
Mind over matter someone once said, and I hate to break it to you kiddos,
but Mind IS Matter. 
So make up your mind and have what matters....

Ah today, how do I even begin?
I made it on time to seminary. Bell beater -- yep, I am. 
Journalism - finished a scholarship - missed Mr. Mac. Silly student teacher, why'd you say he'd be back?
AP Bio with the worst analogy ever "why would you want wrinkled corn? That'd be like asking a cannibal if they wanted to eat an old person or a young person..." yeah, that one made way more sense in my head. 
Lab partners with Danny? P.A.R.T.Y. Thank you seating chart gods, thank you. (jk)
Came home, worked it all out. Made it to Econ...took a test....enjoyed it...sort of. 
Applied for scholarship - check. 
An amazing magical two hours with Hannah. 
Things I love: Wind, Chapstick, Hannah, Drives, Hills. 
UVU to pick up my lost cousins? (yep, they were lost boys).
Finding out that I'm normal. Success. 
BYU Game - well, that was an interesting game. 
Thanks Daniel & Jared for inviting me. Best thing ever. Best time ever. 
My roomie is here! I love you Rachel. Mucho. 
Reoccurring thoughts today:  Senior Ball - I really want to go, BYU GO BYU GO! (yeah, that's my school), life just keeps getting better, how do I explain getting attacked by a tree?, Does he like me?, I have a really great Heavenly Father who loves me. 

Okay, so I realize this may be the most random post, but I love life. Be your own mind, do what matters. 
Love you all 8]

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.