Cheese, Crackers and Cute Husband Things...Post 2

Alright, it's here. Finally. 
Post 2? 
Yeah, I'm supposed to have 100 here is another few. 
After an amazing seminary lesson, 
here are some more that I (and other classmates) came up with
and yes, I love them. 
p.s. you can see the other post --> Here

35. Will be okay to let me have my own dance parties and join in with me. 
36. Will lay there with me and just forget the world
37. While laying there with me, will watch the clouds and find mythical creatures, or African safari animals
38. Knows how to cook and will be willing to help do so
39. Good lister and will enjoy listening to whatever I have to say 
(equally I will want to listen to whatever he wants to say and has on his mind) 
40. Will wrap his arms around me when I'm sick 
41. Will like to talk about the gospel and understands the importance of the atonement. 
42. Pushes me to be the best Emma I can be
43. Will be hard working 
44. Respects the priesthood that he holds
45. Love his Heavenly Father more than he loves me
46. Respects his mother and helps her often
47. Will be able to have intellectual conversations with me
48. Is trustworthy - and keeps secrets well
49. Good Hygiene. 'nuff said
50. Serves other people with all of his heart and would give them the shirt off his back
51. Not controlling 
52. Respects my privacy and just lets me have my space to be me
53. Gets along with my family, 
54. Loves kids and is good with them
55. Will watch NCAA Basketball with me (and other sporting events accordingly). He will also be sitting with me yelling at the crazy referee calls and missed shots....

....that's all for the moment, half way through though! More later? Yes. I think so. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.