Ugly Prom: The Dress Dilemma

Granted the theme for MORP this year is in fact a brilliant one. 
and I don't know about you...but it puts me in an interesting predicament.
What dress do you buy? And where do you find a dress of such hideous proportions?
In my mind you have three options....

1. The most obvious one, DI: Deseret Industries
-sometimes I think that people donate their clothes here just because they are too ashamed to throw them away. Now, no dissing DI though because sometimes they have the greatest finds. Though in this situation there is only a small selection of dresses, most of which are wedding dresses, that sadly are over priced. 
You might on one happen upon a real gem of a dress. 
Keep hoping, keep dreaming - that's what I'm doing. 

2. Borrow from your mother's, brother's...wait no...sister's, aunt's, dead neighbor's closet. 
-Granted, there is some pretty great stuff in those closets. 80's Prom anyone? Vintage is cool, but those puffy sleeves? Sometimes it looks like you could fit your lunch in there...or another pregnancy. Anyways, this may be the jackpot if you have the hook-ups. The dilemma comes when you have to explain to your mother, sister, aunt...dead not that one, but the rest that you're borrowing their treasured sophisticated stylish dress to wear to an UGLY prom. How do you avoid that one? I have no idea.
With any luck though you may be sly enough to pull it off and it's free. 
Just return it free of spills, tears, grass stains, lipstick, makeup, 
in mint condition with moth ball smell and you're set. 

3. If you can't find it in your local reject store and or have one choice left
If you dare you can go visit "Dr. Google" - please save yourself from sheer terror do not Google "Ugly Prom Dresses"....whoever made their poor daughter go to Prom pregnant. -sigh- I'm sorry dear child of god. 
If per chance you find some other search term by all means try to find dresses, but buyer beware there are some pretty frightening things --- it's a scary dress world out there.
The safer route is to bring yourself to a site like esty or ebay, 
where you can be content in the ugly dress variety you will encounter. 
The problem then becomes, price point. 
For instance, that little blue beauty up there is $49.99 + $11.82 in shipping. 
Granted there are some you can find at a low, low price of 0.99 cents + $10.99 shipping, but let's be honest why would you spend more than $15 on a dress that should have never been made. 

....and the end of the day among other considerations no matter how ugly the dress is you still want to look beautiful, have fun and be able to have more than limited arm movement. 
So the quest to solve the dilemma is on.....
What are your dress choices? Where did you find them? Any suggestions?
I must say...I'm more giddy then a girl going to my first high school Prom to see what ugly dresses the world finds out there, I'm thinking that this prom won't have any repeats...because as there are many pretty modest dresses - I have come to discover there are infinitely more ugly ones. 
[may the creators of those hideous dresses live in the glory of knowing their dress will be worn to some Prom of sorts...and pray the sanity of their creative minds, what were they thinking again?]

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

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  1. Catie says:

    beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
    And well said. :)