Cheese, Crackers and Cute Husband Things...Post 1

Alright blogging world....
here's the deal. 
I know this is Cheesy, but it's something I've been meaning to do for awhile. 
It's actually on my life goals list. 
Yes blogging world. I had a blog LONG before all of you. 
Some of those goals are strange, I haven't posted in a long time. 
I really should. 
There are a lot more I've done.
Back to the point. This a list of things I want in a husband...
The goals list says 100 things, but you know...
No, these aren't in any particular order. 
Some are must haves, some are cute things I would appreciate. 

1. Undeniably and hopelessly kind. 
2. Attends the temple regularly (so I don't have to drag him when I want to go). 
3. Has a testimony of the gospel and the love of his Heavenly Father.
4. Returned Missionary
5. Hopeless Romantic
6. Someones who openly considers me their best friend
7. Loves to Travel and wants to see the world
8. Has nice little wrinkles on the corner of his face when he smiles
9. Courageously pursues his dreams
10. Highly tolerant; open-minded
11. A sense of humor
12. Passionate about his work/studies/career
13. Someone who looks after my welfare -- why I'm trying to take care of the rest of the world. 
14. Supports my dreams
15. Someone who dresses well and knows what looks good on him. 
16. Loves my family and friends
17. Wants to have kids and would be happy with four. 
18. Would not mind having a cute family blog
19. Would love to take pictures with me
20. Wouldn't mind having a flour fight in the kitchen
21. Is a little kid at heart and is spontaneous
22. Tech Savy 
23. Isn't afraid to be completely honest and isn't embarrassed about things. 
24. Will not be afraid to have random dance parties with me in our living room.
25. Humble, willing to learn from anyone and anything in life
26. Forgives everyone
27. Knows how to budget, save and have money left to splurge. 
28. Will want to be healthy. 
29. Will agree that I don't want kids right away but maybe a year or so after we're married. 
30. Knows I love to be held and will want to hold me whenever I'm with him. 
31. Has respect for women and others around him. 
32. Will want to decorate our home in cute creative ways
33. Understands that I want to buy a home early in the marriage and live our lives out there. 
34. Is completely in love with me and is not afraid to tell me. 

....that's all for now. I'll add more later :]

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

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  1. Catie says:

    Love this! it puts my list to shame...haha. Maybe I'll post a serious one someday, but for now, I'll keep on being cynical. :)