Because Today I Found It

I gave my heart away one day, 
in a little tiny box. 
I took the bows and Christmas wrap 
and packaged it right up. 
I gave it to this boy I loved, 
and so he took it then. 
I thought he must have smashed it, 
because I did not think it would ever live again. 
It tore, and teared and ripped away, 
from my broken little spirit. 
I was such a silly little girl, 
with such a yearning to be near it. 
But I had given it to him that day, 
my heart there in a box. 
I thought to never see it again, 
but, tonight that boy took out a key and lock. 
He said to me, 
my silly little girl - look how you have grown. 
You're such a beautiful young woman and for now, 
I hope to finally give your heart a home. 
He took the key, 
unlocked the box for to which that lock was tied. 
And in it, I found that my heart had never died. 
It's safe you see, he said to me. 
No breaks, nor bruises here. 
I kept it for a little while, so I could keep it near. 
I know you yearned to have it back, 
but really it was mine. 
In turn he took a little box 
and put in my hands his time. 
I opened up the lid and found a little silver watch. 
It ticked away, and tocked away, 
and then he said, 
for you it cannot stop. 
I looked at him and knew the words I could not say, 
I almost hoped he'd ask, 
will you come away with me today?
For as long as my heart will love, 
and lives in his little tiny box. 
And as long as his time still ticks for me, 
my heart will never stop. 
He kissed my head and held me close and whispered in my ear, 
my dearest, little sweetheart, 
you can have your heart back now, here. 
He handed back my little box, 
but it wasn't mine to keep. 
I took his hands in my mine 
and said, it now does not belong to me. 
I watched a sigh engulf his soul and his eyes try to find relief, 
I just want you to be happy, my Emma, my sweet. 
I took the watch he gave me and put it on my wrist, 
and said to him, my sweetheart, 
I never thought of this
For one day I gave my heart to just a boy that's it, 
I never thought he'd make sure it's beats would never quit, 
for now I know this simple thing, 
no boy would keep a precious heart so near, 
because today I found that boy is a wonderful man my dear.
 As I  looked at  him, 
he looked at me, 
All we said, was maybe, maybe, someday we'll see. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

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