Excavation Emma

Excavation: exposure, processing and recording. 
Oddly, when I see those words - I think of camera. 
Wanna know what's better? 
Heavenly Father provided me an opportunity to do that, 
in none other place then the Provo Tabernacle. 
It's an incredible opportunity and I am so excited. 
I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am. 
....And how grateful, I am. 
May I leave with you, but a short message. 
There is a Heavenly Father who loves you, who knows your name, who desires to bless you. And sent His only begotten son like a lamb to the slaughter, who was without sin to suffer for the sins of the world. There was no other good enough, who could come and perform such a task. 
And I sit in wondering awe, at how well He knows me, and at how well he knows all of you. 
I cannot express the happiness and hope this gospel brings me. 
So tonight, I leave you, feeling blessed and nearly trembling with excitement. 
There is hope, there is grand things that come out of sadness and sin. 
For instance, this tabernacle will rise from the ashes to become a temple. 
Is it not itself a representation of how we can become something so great? 
So in humility I am accepting the challenge to become excavation Emma. 
Here is to another adventure and another opportunity to say, Thank you Heavenly Father. 

With love and wishing you all a wonderful day, 


p.s. Just a song I love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4ZYk3sbWj8&feature=related
That is all :) 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.