Save Your Gossip & Enjoy Some Giddiness

Dear World,
This is Stephen - and he's kinda the cutest.
I'm really happy with him :) 
And I'm just dating him okay? 
But not exclusively. 
Yes, that also means I still love going on dates!
Other people are pretty awesome. 
So I'm always up for fun, 
and laughter too. 
I know some people are wondering
so I thought I'd just clear that up.
You know because I love you guys & being honest. 
So let's see what I can answer...
erm...he's really nice. 
I've known him for almost two years now. 
If he looks familiar to you Timpview people...
that's because he used to be the Tech guy :) 
Yup, I spent many hours getting to know him. 
He was basically my best friend all last year. 
He's hilarious, 
he can fix almost anything, 
including my printer & of course my computer. 
He likes watching chick flicks, 
and movies galore. 
Most importantly though,
he reminds me who I am, and treats me as such. 
He makes me smile, 
even when I don't think I can anymore. 
So, if you'd like to know - just ask. 
Save your gossip, 
I'm happy to answer any questions :) 
p.s. I like him, just in case you wondered that too. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.