Bucket List....I can finally say....

I can finally say it.........
I think I've been staring at it my bucket list for a very long time. 
163. Go to BYU 
-- As I went to cross this one off today, my kind could not help to think  of all the people I know who didn't get in, who didn't open their inbox to find the CES e-mail. 
Who had their 163's and just kept staring at it, 
and to all of you, this post is for you. 

As you applied for BYU I am sure many of you prayed. 
You may feel at the moment that your prayers were not answered, 
I am here to tell you that they were.  
Think, why did you want to go to BYU?
To meet the man of your dreams? To get a great education? To attend the institute program?
Other colleges have these too and you must know, 
Heavenly Father has a better plan for you. 
There is a god in heaven who loves you and understands completely. 
While is may seem faulty coming from me, 
I want you to know I understand. 
I understand to not get something you've looked forward to all of your high school years, 
all of your time as a teenager, all of your life. 
The Lord is looking to provide a way for you. 
You are not inadequate, nor unloved. 
There is nothing wrong with you, nor are you unworthy. 
You are simply you -- and you are loved. 
So for all of those who aren't posting 
and all of those who didn't come to some class to hear the clatter about college, 
it will be be okay in the end, 
and if it's not okay -- it's not the end. 
(one of my favorite quotes right there)
So take the new path....look at your options -- there are a plentiful amount of opportunities. 
Eventually the craze will die down, 
know that if you need anything (whoever you are) come find me. 
Let me tell you how loved you are. 
It's rough. I know. 
Heavenly Father didn't promise this life would be easy, 
but keep the corners up and keep smiling!
 (or trying to smile)
I will be loaded up with chocolate tomorrow....seriously, come find me. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.