Now Accepting Applications

here's the deal. 
I've had ideas swimming in my head for weeks now. 
I realize that a lot of you have asked....
so I am now accepting applications for
you guessed it, 
(yes, there is a reason that word is in quotes, but I have yet to discover what it is)
Please fill out this brief application, 
oh yes and leave a message after the beep. 

1. What days do you have the most free time?
2. How do you feel about DI?
3. Are you opposed to me doing your hair in some weird way?
Or some themed wardrobe of sort?
4. How do you feel about working with multiple people?
5. Can you swim? (serious question for reals)
6. How do you feel about getting wet? (serious as well)
7. Lucky number, and do you have any cool ideas of your own? (please expound)
8. Do you have any special skills? (Jumping, Dancing, Swimming, Sports, Running, Laughing, etc)

See, relatively painless right?
Okay....and comment! 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
 By: Emma Marie.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Hannah J. says:

    1. saturdays. Usually any day I am not swamped with homework really.
    2. I freakin love DI! You always find such odd things. It makes me smile.
    3. As long as my hair doesn't fall out, go for it.
    4. I like people.
    5. Swim? eh. Stay afloat? Usually.
    6. If it's not freezing, whatever.
    7. Ha! it's seven! ain't that ironic. Or 11. I'm sure I do, but not at the moment.
    8. Really odd faces, a willingness to do basically anything, and I have a habit of having weird items.

  2. Anonymous says:

    1. Probably Fridays
    2.'s practically my favorite place on the planet :P
    3. As long as it's not permanent...then go for it ;) and I'll wear....almost anything
    4. No problem....well, mostly
    5. Sorta...
    6. Depends on what I'm wearing and where I am and who I'm with a for what reason...but for a photo shoot...sure
    7. My lucky I'm quite creative...and yes, I do. Though, I'm not sure how willing I am to share them haha.
    8. Dancing, making weird faces, being serious for photos. There may be more...but yeah.

  3. ASK ME
    what I did as soon as I read this post.
    and mostly smiled BIIIIIIG.
    Because you are amazing, and I would love loVE LOVE to take pictures with YOU
    1. I have dance monday, wednesday, and friday. For the most part, I'm available Saturday's. Some Tuesday's or Thursday's. Just call me ;)
    2. Did you know that I was there the other day and purchased a stylish dress??? :)
    3. That's what ridiculously long hair is for, right?
    4. Well.... you know me and my social awkwardness ;)
    5. I was on a swimming team for 7 years.... so let's go with YES
    6. Fine with me :)
    7. I know tons of fun places, like the rail road up the canyon, or the strange brick/ grafitti up the canyon, but I'm sure you have marvelous locations too.
    Also, I have a tramp :)
    8. I've been known to dance.... and be flexible.... SOMETIMES. :) I enjoy jumping, and giggling. Also is randomly breaking into song okay? :)
    SO SO SO excited