So...I didn't get asked to Valentine's -- and maybe you didn't either. 
[or maybe you did, then just disregard this message]
This is no excuse not to have a party on a Saturday Night 
Come one. Come all. 
All you Single Ladies. 
I mean if you don't have plans....but hey, now you do!
So COME watch Eat. Pray. Love
 at the Shadowbrook Clubhouse. 
Please bring some sort of munchie snack to share with everyone (trail mix, M&Ms, etc.) Popcorn will be provided :]

Don't forget your blankets and pillows for the will start and 7:20,
 but feel free to come & go as you please. 
Everyone is Invited
(Make sure to invite people too!)
If you have any questions contact me. 


Oh, and p.s. RSVP 
---right here ---> Click Me to RSVP
[just so I know how much popcorn to make ^-^]

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.