I Miss You

It isn't something I can explain, 
it's something you have to experience for yourself.
It's the connection that you share with another human being. 
And it's not like that connection is a product of anything intentional, 
but rather something outside of yourself,
that you simply can't fight. 
This connection it pulls you towards them 
and when they leave to where ever they go 
it pulls on your heart strings.
Because you've taken those aglet tipped strings
with the pasty white laces and  tied them in a little bow to theirs. 
And they stretch -- 
but you hope that wherever that person out there is...
that while you're sitting here missing them - that they miss you too.
It doesn't hurt so much because you both give a little piece of yourself 
letting your strings tug a bit on both ends and that makes you tied  together an "us".
And no matter how much you miss them, it's not about how long you've been apart
or how far they've gone away --it's the moment you say to yourself 
"you should be here too. I miss you"
So tonight, when my heart strings are pulling just a bit
and I'm so afraid to let some new person in, to let me miss you, 
but I'm afraid I may have tied a little bow, 
in hopes that tomorrow --
there will be an "us".
And you know I really am afraid to hope...
But maybe, I keep saying maybe to you and me.

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--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Catie says:

    why can't I be amazing like you?

  2. Ahhh Emma.
    How wonderful it must be to be so beautiful and talented and amazing all at once.
    I hope I could ever be a fraction of how amazing you are.
    All my love