Life Intersections

You're sitting in a car, 
in the middle of an intersection. 
The other cars are racing by you -- 
and you are completely alone. 
You can't go anywhere, 
if you turn either way you'll hit oncoming traffic. 
If you go straight, there is another car in the same place you are,
the waiting place. 
All you're waiting for is the light to change, 
so that you can run, 
run far away.
So you can take the new path in front of you
and just hit the road.
You're trying to breath beyond the windshield glass. 
Until you realize, it might be okay....
because that other car in the waiting place,
for a moment even though you'll turn to go different ways,
you are the same.
It's the moment where you can completely connect.
I'm afraid to say that moments like that don't come everyday.
In fact they only come once in a lifetime for most people.
And if you missed your moment with that person,
the only way to get back again
is to take your own path away
and hope that you find yourself one day in the same intersection.

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
 By: Emma Marie.