Wants & Needs

I want to get lost in an airport and be all alone. 
I want to fly to a different country, sleep in a tent and wake up to an African sunrise. 
I want to raft down a river with a people I don't know and not have to belong. 
I want to take a road trip with my best friend. 
I want to live a life and not have to worry about all that I left behind. 
I want to be a free spirit, blowing wild and free. 

The fact of the matter is what I want, is probably not what He wants. 
It's a tough thing taking your life, all your wants, or dreams and just sort of handing them over.  
I won't tell you it isn't hard. 
I will tell you it's worth it. 

Today the question was asked, 
"Have you considered giving up Africa?"

My heart got all fluttery, my eyes started to water, and of all the things I didn't know if I could give up that. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.