African Dreamer

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for full experience of this blogpost. 

Quite recently someone said something to me,
 that quite frankly has stuck with me
 more than anything 
that has really ever been said to me before. 
They said in a bit of a heated moment, 

"Emma all you know in life 
is your dreams,
and that you want to go to Africa.
You're a dreamer, and you just keep dreaming."

[Thank You to the Adopt a Negotiator Project for the Image at Left]

At the time, I thought it was indeed quite siLLy. 
I'm more than just a dreamer, but then I realized I am not
I am nothing more {nor far from anything less} than a dreamer
Define dream: A series of thoughts, images or sensations. 
Define Dreamer: A person who experiences these things, as mentioned above. 

What better to be than a dreamer?
A person who experiences of the world 
 thoughts, images or sensations.  
For without those words, the world seems 
rather dreary to me. 
For what is life without wishes?
Without hopes?
Without faith in those dreams?

....and I've kept pondering about Africa, and my life in general. 
Somehow this semester I became a recluse, unpoetic girl who spent most of her time galavanting into the night. 
My spirit, it longs more than anything to be free. 
I'm not ready to be tied down. 
I'm not ready to run away from being who I am, not right now, not ever. 
Ask me to be silent, to say nothing unless spoken too. 
No never, no matter the nervousness about life, never will I be silent. 
For there is something in my soul that yearns to speak for many who have no voices. 
Maybe that it is Africa? Maybe that is in Neuro?
Because if not, if I cannot speak, if I cannot dream I am left feeling simply, 

And it all reality, I never want to go back , 
go back to feeling like I can't breath
Like there is nothing but endless monotony
Go back to feeling like I can't speak, 
as if I can't speak my mind. 
As if I have to fit into a cookie cutter mold. 
I'm not ready, 
and maybe I've been trying to convince myself, 
but I am not ready
So I'm taking a leap of faith, 
I'm being a dreamer. 
First you have to run
and then you take a leap of faith. 
You may not know where it will take you, 
but there is something so tied, 
so tied in my soul to Africa.

So  as I sleep tonight, 
I sing to myself 
Imba wimbo
Wa upepo
Wakati unajiwa na
Imba wimbo wa upepo
Wakati ndoto tamu
Lala mapaka usiku uisheni
Upepo wa usiku
Wimbo wanko na
Wimbo wangu inaendelea milele

.....Dreaming of the winds of Africa, the winds of change, maybe they'll take me away. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me. 
By: Emma Marie.