Doors & Windows

As a photographer, the best thing you can do is put someone next to window. It adds light to a darkened room and therefore light to your subject. Photography is all a matter of letting the light in. And subsequently, life is about letting God's light into our darkened fallen state. There is that catchy phrase sung in some movie I'd seen long ago, "when He closes a door, He opens a window." While it may appear that opening a door would have let have let in more light potentially, God does not leave you alone in your darkened rooms of mortality. The thing is, that He opens many doors, many windows, and probably would also take many sledgehammers to your walls -- but you have to let Him. You have to let Him help you. And while you must judge wisely, you have to choose a path. 

In my mind, there are many houses, with many doors. Some people would call these houses crossroads in each of our lives. When you choose an opportunity you walk out the door, through the little yard of the house and walk down the path you choose until you reach the next house. While on our way from house to house we see many people, each as we advise them on decisions we've made hoping to make their lives and choices easier. We're all on pathways together, walking to different houses, meeting different people in this little town called life. 

The thing about doors and windows is that if you choose a pathway, going on the door and sitting on the fence in the yard or just staring out the window with dreams in front of you -- gets you absolutely no where. Now, I'm not saying live life to the fullest, drink, be merry. I'm saying live life to the fullest wisely. Deep down all of us have a sense of right and wrong; some called it a conscience, Jiminy Cricket, I refer to it as the light of Christ. It's something we all have innately and that is intended to be used. 

So in the doors & windows of life, in this crazy world when you're too afraid to walk out the door He has opened and you're standing at the window letting the light in -- are you brave enough to take a small step of faith and trust Him?

It's quite simple, this life. As a friend once said, "too much of this world is looked at as being a complex mix of everything that we must do well. I think for all of us it should be looked at as a simplified mix of choices. Choices that are dependent upon loving your God, your family, your neighbor, and doing what deep down in your heart (that is the spirit of God) is right. Nothing else matters."

So you continue, you continue through this life with simply the doors & windows, 
and very important decisions.  And as cliche as it sounds, a Disney movie once said, "Let your conscience be your guide." And if this conscience is the light of Christ, why not let Him be your guide? 
And why not let His light in through all the choices that you make?

In the end I'm just a photographer who sees dreams and tries to capture them, searches for the light within everyone and attempts to get a good smile out of looking through the doors & windows. And of course taking a stroll on a few paths in the little town called life. 

May the doors & windows you choose, be wise and know that Heavenly Father loves you. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

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