Supposedly the answer to all questions in the universe is 42. 
So I simply want to answer the comments on my last post with....42, but that seems slightly unfair. Yes?

I've been pondering a lot over these questions.....I really did think about what to say. So, tell me what you think. 

1. Biggest regret? It can be in any category you so desire. People's biggest regrets say a lot about who they are as a person. :)

It would seem cliché to say that I regret nothing, but it would make me seem proud to say this.....and if on the other hand I say that I regret something, it would make me seem ungrateful for things life has given me and that phrase in and of itself seems cliché. In my opinion, I would have to take Mrs. Van Orden's advice on this "don't use a cliché in your writing, unless you can make it your own." So I have come to this in response to your question....yes, there are things I wonder about that if I would have done them differently where I would be. Quite honestly, the first thing that came into my head was band. I wish I would have taken my skill of playing the clarinet (yes, I can play it, yes, I can play Mary Had A Little Lamb quite well....which apparently means I could play the fight song?) and done something with it. If I would have done band though? Could I have a done everything else I had done. I wonder what would have happened if I had continued to be in Orchestra. On the other hand, I never would have been in Student Government my sophomore year, nor would have taken that photography class that I fell in love with. I wonder sometimes if I wouldn't have dated the boy I dated if I would be happier now. If sometimes when I walk down the halls and I see him if life would be less painful. Then I think about all the things that I learned, if it weren't for him I never would have come to the conclusion that I am beautiful. So, yes there are things that I wonder about if I would have done them differently how would I be different. But, they make me who I am. Life is not about regretting the past but about accepting the future. Yeah, there are things that suck. Quite honestly though, boy, band (not to be confused with a boy band), orchestra....and not trying out for the basketball team my freshman year. Those are things that I wonder about. Otherwise, I am quite happy.....so moral of the story, don't regret, but don't forget....and try everything life brings. It's life....it's supposed to be lived. 

2.Who is someone who has had a great influence on your life and why? (besides family or some important person like a prophet or Gandhi or stuff like that)

First person that came to mind was my dad, but since we are disregarding family I will tell you about a sincere person in my life, my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Wells. When you lose a family member for whatever reason it is like someone has taken your heart and ripped it to pieces...and then you're left on your own trying to figure out how to put the thing back together so it'll beat in unison again. At the loss of one of my family members this teacher (who was not even my teacher at the time)...came to the hospital before they died, brought me flowers to the viewing (the only flowers I've ever received from someone) and came to the funeral. After they did, Mr. Wells let me come to his room after school and help him. He let me cried and held me why I did. He let me talk. He let me think....and he gave me a notebook...one with a red cover...and 120 pages. Mr. Wells gave me a way to live again, to write letters to my dad, so I could figure out how he could still be a piece of my life. When everyone else didn't understand, he tried too. When everyone else was too afraid because they didn't know what to do when I cried, he held me. When everyone else gave up on me, he kept telling me I could do it. There have been times in my life where I didn't want to live anymore....and Mr. Wells wouldn't let me give up. He has the greatest influence on my life because he made sure that I kept living it....and that I learned how to live it again. Granted he is not the only one who has had a significant impact, there are others.......Dr. Summers & Mr. Stevenson come to mind. I must say this though if you look at everyone whom you meet as a teacher they will impact you. If you have that many teachers around you, you will a learn a great deal about the life. Don't be afraid to let people teach you and don't be afraid to learn something new. 

3.I feel sorta nosy, but you always talk about boys, holding hands, that you love, etc. I'm just curious.... who? Also, how did you know the church is true? Unless you don't, then why?

-Deep Breath-  Okay, this is the one I have stared at the longest. It's okay, you aren't nosy. Oh my, I just hope that you don't think my whole blog is about boys. Let's see what to address, holding hands. I've held hands with three boys. One who lives in Panama, one who I fell in love with and the other whom you (Aubrey) know quite well, he lives in Salt Lake and I think he is your cousin? Anyways, his name is Brick. The boy I fell in love with. I feel so  inclined to answer your question, but not on my blog. Typing his name would defeat the purpose of my blog and for his sake....I'm not going too. So come ask me in person, yes that goes for any of you....and I'll be happy to tell you. Just for his sake....I'd rather not post his name. So call me, beep me...you know how to reach me. 

First off, yes I do know the church is true. Without a doubt, I know it is true. I don't think that I can actually pin it down to a precise moment in my life. I know I have talked about how losing a family member, there is a point  where life is so bleak and so dark that you just don't know where to turn too. That's where I turned too. There have been many moments like this....where when there is nothing left, there is a love of my Heavenly Father. I have to say my testimony started with this...that I know he knows who I am. Slowly, but surely it grew. It's still growing.  
I know who I am, I know God has a plan for me. I know from the quiet whisperings on lonely days that this is where He wants me to be, that this is His church and that He loves me unconditionally. There is a Father in Heaven who loves us each so much that once you come to the understanding or even experience a small part of his love you know that there is no way that he would not give you the opportunity to grow and the opportunity to live with him again. I will say this, that I have learned about other churches, I've been to a few. There isn't anything that is as complete and as personal. Some may say that the more you learn the less religion makes sense, but I feel quite the opposite way about it. The more you learn the more you begin to understand a small piece of the immensity of the universe and there is no way it could exist without a God. 
It's a personal thing to know. But...my advice, 
Pray, you'll learn. Trust, you'll let him in. Love, you'll figure it out. 

 Please comment with your thoughts. Also, if you have more questions....ask away....on any post really. Just click on the title. Sometime when I have nothing to write I may do this again. Did you enjoy this world? Or was it just boring? .....hmmmm. Well, that is all. 
Thanks for your questions :] 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.