Fresh Prince at 3am....and they test the Emergency Alert System.....

No one wants to be alone. 
We're all craving connection. 
It is the reason blogs exist, the reason Facebook thrives, the reason the world goes round. 
If we don't have said connections (whether serious or synthetic) -- we fall, we fail....
most tragically we scramble until we can connect again. 
Humanity makes all mistakes in this scrambling. 
I just don't understand why complain about lack of connection -- and yet there are people reaching out...
but there are walls. Why build walls?
Granted, I am guilty of this too. 
Building walls to see who will tear them down.
I'm sure there may be exceptions to this rule, I mean all the hermits and cat ladies in the world, 
but once, did they not connect with someone on something?
I'm not talking about love.
I'm not talking about friendship. 
I'm talking about connection in it's simplest form.....
.....I'm talking about being human, honestly caring about your neighbor. 
Yes, most connections develop into something more. 
So please, let them grow. 
Please let people in. 
And if you fall in love with them, fall hard -- because you'll fall anyways if you don't
And if you fail at being a friend, fail at it -- because friends eventually forgive 
(And you would have failed anyways). 
Please, let there be a connection. 
Please, let your walls down. 
Please, take the risk.
No one wants to be alone. 
We're all craving connection. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.