When Life Gets Dark and Lonely

Lately I have found myself in a position where most days I feel like I am just left to tackle life on my own. 
It is an interesting place to find yourself in. 
I have nicknamed this place, the Wandering Place. 
On Tuesday night while driving around waiting for a friend, 
at 5:40pm I saw a scene (slightly less brilliant) but beautiful indeed. 
I wished more than anything that I had a camera,
so I made a decision I would come back on Thursday. 
This is what I came on Thursday too. 
The most beautiful, uplifting scene I had seen in awhile. 
My light in the darkness. 
I am so grateful that I live in such a beautiful place. 
NEW GOAL: Find the beauty that exists around me and capture it (just for safekeeping)

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

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  1. Hannah J. says:

    Stunning! It's really quite beautiful. You have amazing talent :)