Reruns, Rewrites and Preflights

In January I hoped that 2010 would bring about a lot of new things. I found another best friend. I went to the Stake Dance just like normal. I went to school. I switched out of Calculus (the first class I'd never not finished). I smiled, I laughed, I remember wishing life were different. I searched for a new camera bag, for a camera I had yet to name -- but would take with me on an upcoming trip of a lifetime. I went to the Concerto Aria concert for my first time in high school and fell in love with it. I applied for scholarships, some I got, some I didn't....then January came and it went. 

In February, I wanted to a celestial peanut. I still do. I didn't get asked to Valentine's, but went anyways to do pictures. I finally named my camera JJ (Just Jane) who I spend so much time with. A person came into my life who has changed it forever and has become one of my greatest friends -- aside from his Yam obsession. I met someone on a bench that I still wonder about. Who are you mysterious boy? I watched the Olympics like it was religion. On the day of the Opening Ceremonies I surprised a friend who was sick. It was a grand adventure. I played ward basketball, did mass amounts of homework, and got really excited for "the trip". I did a Business BYU Language Competition. You think a presentation about a product in English is hard, try doing it in Spanish! We placed 4th, I felt accomplished. Overall, good hardworking month. It left too.

In March, the first was my birthday. My sister got me a giant button so everyone would know. I left early that day to get on a fly to Paris then on to Italy. The next two weeks I spent with some of the best people and went to some of the best places. Italy, Egypt, Israel. It was the trip of the lifetime. I got to ride on a camel, see the sights, taste the food -- it was the best. I came back to find school went on with me. I started falling for someone. I went to HOSA and placed 1st in the state -- ya Nationals! I had an interview to run for State FBLA Office and the last day of March the band came back to town. I found out also that I would be the Journalism Photographer. I was very excited. 

In April, I fell in love. I went to MORP. I didn't win for State Office. I ran for Senior Class President. I planned Junior Week. I didn't win, I lost of a lot of elections this month. I went to Prom with Chris Bunker and had a wonderful time! I'd been waiting to wear my dress for over 6 months and the day had come. It was wonderful, truly wonderful. Secretly, Prom was the best because I got to help so many others. I didn't get an appointed position, but I tried to look on the positive side. 

In May, I enjoyed being in love and then for the nearly 3 months I'd been in it, I fell out of it. I tried to forget about it by all the AP things I had to do and finding in myself a new path to take -- going to college. I ran in the "Race for the Cure" -- and dreamed about the two boys I've always liked. One so far enough, and the other who might never notice I'm there. I went to a Schroeder Concert with my Best Friend. It was amazing!! I lost a camera card with all those wonderful Europe photos on it. I ate Kong Kones, I went to Senior Ball, I stayed at Timpview all night long for Yearbooks, I took those AP Tests and I left Junior Year behind me. Hello Summer! First Day: Went to Lagoon with some of my best friends! Coolest day of my life...and the moment I realized, just Emma, you still like him, even if he'll never like you. 

In June, I mailed letters off to Brazil, and wasted away 2 weeks of summer until the craziness began. I watched Romeo & Juliet, I went to the Orem Summerfest, went to Girl's Camp for one day, went to Yearbook Camp and then came home for three short days. I went on a "not date" with my best friend and saw Toy Story 3. Then I went to HOSA Nationals. Top 50 in the Nation. I had my rebound moments. I got phone calls every night, I knew I could do this. Then I went off to my family reunion after three more days home...and there went June, the last day of it I spent waking up in Vegas on my way to the hills of California. 

In July, I discovered Howard Roark and Dominca Francon. Thank you to the "The Fountainhead". I went to a ridiculous Family Reunion. I found my new love, Biking. I said good-bye to one of my new found best friends. I went to Youth Conference, though I had to leave early from that too. I started my ACT prep class in hopes of that elusive 30. I biked away July pushing it to 50 miles a day. I got over you somewhere in between, over you the boy I loved. I went to the Llama fest, went Caroling in July. I went to A-1 I wanted a Driver's License. I went to Laurel Movie Night, I got called to be in the Presidency. I made my own website. I read MLIA. I went to my nephew's birthday party. I met another boy, but alas a college boy was he. 

In August, I taught my first YW's lesson. I got my college classes all set in place, I discovered I never would have done this if I had won all those elections. I found out I would go to college, before I would start my Senior Year. I got my Driver's License. I bought a car. I named my car Petri. I door bell ditched some Brownies.  I went up to Salt Lake to try on Dresses. Oh the adventures of Stan & Juan. I missed a certain boy, but you can't just let old loves die, can you? I stared my Senior Year. I gave my last sacrament meeting talk. Then August ended. 

On the first day of September I spent 13+ hours at school. Great way to start off a month, yes? ACT spelled my name wrong, so I got to spend 3+ hours on the phone with them trying to fix it. I took the ACT for the third time. I applied for more scholarships. I found a place I love, the library, I volunteered. A lot. Highlight of the month, "I listened to a man sound out the word dumb, and proclaim 'I am not dumb anymore, I'm learning to read."-- It reminded me how life is full of little miracles." I went on a few more dates. I went to a Neon Trees concert. I went to see that boy again in Salt Lake. I went on ridiculous adventures with Megan Lee. We got our Yearbook Sweats in. I finally felt apart of something. Then, there went September. 

Wake me up when September ends? Yes. October I felt alive! I held hands with a boy. There was a random UPS guy who rang the doorbell five times, then danced, I will never forget him. I went to the doctor four or five times and even got to see a specialist. Ya for things which are wrong with me. Someone new showed up in my life and they were fun too. I spent time watching stars, I spent time doing Yearbook. I was so happy again. I ate Toasted PB&Js almost ever day. I helped someone again. I stepped on crunchy leaves, went puddle jumping, ditched a lot of classes, but made it out of 1st term alive and well. It had been 1826 days since my dad died...and counting. I spent it at my house alone, after my mom and sister left to Florida. I flew to Florida by myself.  I gave a random kid a hug in the airport. I went on a plane to Florida again. Disney Cruise? Yep. Most random Halloween adventure -- ever. And then there came November. 

In November, I did pictures for a friend. My car broke down. Oh Petri, what were you thinking? I laughed about Army Crawling. I found that 16 GB Camera Card with Europe pictures. The Snowpocalypse didn't come. I saw Tangled. I applied for college. Four years of hard work narrowed down to 25 out of 50 check boxes, 1,500 words, three recommendations, a GPA and an ACT score. I had a ridiculously long Harry Potter Movie Marathon. I started running  on the BYU Track and decided I want to do a triathlon. 

In December, I made a blog. I drew cartoons. I told you about my other blog. I went to concerts. I found out I'm the Business Sterling Scholar. I made it through my first semester of college. I wore ugly Christmas Sweaters. I read books. I went swimming. I made it to Chirtmas break. I took more pictures. I saw my brothers I hadn't seen in 7 years. I watched Eat.Pray.Love. and fell in love with it. I had a Merry Christmas. I spent 5 hours putting in my car radio with my best friend. I had this ridiculously awesome Laurel Party. I realized that I wasn't in love with you, and you're still just wanting to be a kid. Who wants to change your life for someone yet anyways? We were both relieved. I ended 2010 being single once again. I dreamed away about 2011, about the one who I've always liked. I got told I could marry them 4 times in one day. Odd. Yes. I danced the night away, ate pizza and blasted music into the new year. 

....and 2010, that's just how it ends. 

I imagine I could do some things differently. I think I'll just stick with you, just liking you. It will be easy. It will be simple. It will save me a lot of heartache. 

I want to be healthier. Biking my love, I'm ready to be lovers once again. Eating better might be good too. Yes indeed. 

Money, I've got the money saving plan ready and set up to go! Ya for having money to do things and preparing for life in the future. 

I want to find adventure. Africa? Will you please take me away. I know that sometime soon I might end up in Paris. 

I'll graduate with some other degrees and scholarship money. I'm excited for that. I want to be less stressed about school and have more time for people. 

I'll go off to college and have a cute dorm room. I want to rewrite this ridiculous room mess problem I seem to be having.

You know most, what I want to be different. 
I want me to be different. 
So I will be. 

Somewhere in the upcoming year....umm plans?
I'll go to far off places. Paris? Africa? Orlando Again? California? I hope I'll go. 

I'll graduate, as I said before. It will be wonderful. Only 5 months to go, I'm so very close!

I'll get a job, a real job, not just my little business on the side job. 

I'll be a tutor for Project Read, I want to teach people how to read. I want to sound out words with others. 

I'll write letters to far off places and some friends leave and some friends go. It'll be hard, but I'll keep in touch. 

Most of all I will find 2011. 
I will find you, and find me in you. 


--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.