Cook It, Stroganoff It, "Y" Not?

Remember this Post? <--- yup, click that link. 
About cooking and tucking and wonderful things...
                                                            .......well I tried that cooking thing again. 
Well that's a lie, I have been doing it every Tuesday (umm, Thursday now?)
with my Dinner Group! Yippee! 

But tonight, 
 I tried Beef Stroganoff 
<--- this recipe
As many of you know, I think I can't cook, but I can. So tonight I made my first stroganoff....
(enlarge if you would like to try, oh and add a little bit of basil leave & garlic salt it makes it better) 

So, are you ready?
Because I am. 
I got all of my ingredients together. 
Yup, there it is all on the counter. 
Just so you know the recipe lies, it doesn't take 30 minutes, it takes 45 minutes just if you're ever decide to do this yourself. 
Oh and yes, that is my lovely new apartment in the background, 
and roses too. 

I cut up my first onion, 
hello yellow onion why aren't you pretty. 
I kind of want to slap myself in the face, 
I'll be nineteen in two weeks and I've never cut up and onion by myself? 
What is this ridiculousness. 
But look at it, it's pretty and I got it into reasonably sized slices, not to shabby wouldn't you say?

Step 1
Add cooked ground beef, start water on stove, add in cans of mushrooms and chopped onions. 
Stir lightly. 
And ta-da you get this little loveliness. 

Step 2:
Put beef brother, light sour cream and Miracle Whip (Mayo) into bowl lightly mix then add to ground beef/veggie mix. Start noodles. 

I think it's supposed to be less soupy than that. 
Erm, my bad. I think round two of this stroganoff stuff will be less like soup more like gravy. 
I have yet to master this thickness thing either. 

Step 3
End up with oodles and oodles of noodles. 
What in the world am I going to do with all of these?
Erm....hello noodles, how are you doing today?
Best thing ever of having lots of noodles you ask?
Being able to say it again, 
I have oodles and oodles of noodles! 

Step 4
Prepare table, set-up all your food, and enjoy! 

In the end: Oodles of Noodles, Fruit Cocktail, Steamed Vegtables, Spinach Salad, Cranberry Juice 
and Beef Stroganoff. 

What are people saying about my dinner?

"Soo goood....I would give it a solid eight. (a few bites later), nope going to have to change that to a nine."
-Chelsie, roommate 

"You passed, are you sure this is your first time?"
-Haley, dinner group member 

"Mmmmmm....and that's all I have to say." 
-Sarah, dinner group member

And after the dishes are done, and that table wiped down.
All the food put away, and your tummy all full with a smile not a frown
all that's left to say is well folks that's it :)
 -- another cooking adventure, and I think "Y" can't I cook?

(just a bit of added cheese)
With love,


p.s. Now all I'll need is an apron, and it might be official that I am a good cook after all, 
as Chef Gusteau would say "anyone can cook!" 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.