Announcing -- PICK It and STICK It

And the winner is.....
really? why would you ever start out a sentence with that?
You wouldn't. I wouldn't. 
So I seriously went to wiki-how to look up
"How To Announce a Contest Winner" 
alas, they did not have it. 
They did have though -- 
"How to Have a Metabolism of a Kid"
--well that's easy, you just have to be a kid, or a young goat. 
"How to Stop Using Shopping to Fill a Void"
-- They wrote the article as if they were talking about addiction. Green scarf anyone? 
"How to Make Time Go By Faster" 
--mwahaha that's easy, time turner of course. 
"How to Care for a Badger...Shaving Brush"
--alright, I read badger, seriously laughed, then realized it was a brush. ah what a let down. 
"How to Create a Gateway of Gore"
--for halloween of course. Really? There is an article on this?
"How to Distinguish Between Acids and Bases" 
--Are you afraid of touching them due to their corrosiveness? Ok, really? Who would want to touch an acid or a base anyways. Guess you've always wondered what bleach feels like - huh? 

Alright, alright, back to business. Sorry. I just laughed. 
Really the internet seems to have the answers for everything....almost. 

So I guess I shall just say -- 

"Elephant Dreams" 
-- by a 58.3% 

Thank You to everyone who voted, more PICK It and STICK It campaigns will be coming soon. Keep looking out for them!  

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
 By: Emma Marie.