Update. ON. Emma

Today I met a guy, 
he was a writing a story in a cafe. 
He wasn't drinking coffee, just a soda. 
He could be a brilliant writer. 
I saw him play with his nieces and nephews 
as he whisked me off from scene to scene. 
He had this junkie little car - that matched mine. 
Really, he was the most attractive guy I've ever met.
His name was Ethan. 
Doesn't Ethan & Emma just sound cute together?
He was  perfect, 
I just wished he could've asked for my number 
it's too bad that it's just a movie.....

-- And then it hit me.

It's that awkward moment when you realize this movie was produced by your roommates father. 

Can I just tell you how excited I am for the fall?
My roommates are the coolest. 
I'm so very ,very excited! 
Can it just be August already?

In other news, I'm considering taking a job, 

the only thing is that it's a Timpview. 
Say what? I'd go back....I know, strange. 
Even stranger, just think I'd be FACULTY there. 
All those free food announcements?
Yeah. I'd get to go to those. 
Weird? But it's a job. 
So I need to pray about it, 
it's part-time 
and kinda perfect for me. 

Finished Danielle's and Garrett's photographs. 
I love them. 
They are the cutest together,
I'm really excited to do more photo shoots. 
So if anyone is interested, 
$30/hour of shooting time, 
20 edits guaranteed. 
1-2 week delivery of photos on CD
Edits and Originals included.  
Just search Emma Marie Photography on Facebook, 
or send me an email to photography.emmamarie@gmail.com.
Seriously, I would love to capture the memories of your life!
Contact me for special event pricing. 

Life in the single's ward is fabulous, to say the least. 
I'm kinda sad to say, but only four more Sundays. 
It's a travesty. I sorta like this ward, 
I imagine I'll love my next one just as much. 
FHE though. Gotta love it. 
Frust Pizza anyone? 
This is Mona Fruit-a-licious Lisa 

 Mix & Mingle? Munch & Mingle? Munch & Mix?
That thing on Sunday nights, it's amazing!
Plus having an excuse to look cute :)
Really, I had a super awesome time
-- it started off kinda lame. 
But then there were a few guys, 
dancing in the rain 
(did you feel the rain drops?)
And talking to Nathalie. 
Life is good. 
I really need to go to more activities. 
Institute tonight? I'm so very excited!

Speaking of exciting, let's list some things I'm excited for:  
-Going on some dates
-Photographs of the Provo Skyline 
-Three C Words: Cooking, Cupcakes, Car
-Babysitting the Kiddos on Friday
-HARRY freakin' POTTER (midnight showing WOOOO!)
-VT: Visiting Teaching
-Completing my Summer List

Stay tuned! They'll be more adventures to come :)

[p.s. Photo Credit of Christopher Gorham  and Timpview High School can be found here, Thank You!]

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
 By: Emma Marie.