Blind Date

my phone rang twice. I picked up. 
"Hey Emma, Are you in Utah?"
Why yes. yes I am. I know shocking. 
"Wanna go on a blind date with my boyfriends best friend?"
Alright, this is pre-date photograph. All ready to go. Sorta. 
Does it say: "Hi. My name is Emma, I'm a cutie, oh and kinda awesome too."
Let's be real. I had to have some self-confidence here. 
So I went on a blind date, with a pink sweater, blank jeans that were not dry (thank you dryer for cooperating - NOT). 
Let me ask you something, have you ever blow dried your jeans before? 
Well I have. 
Have you ever had said blow dryer blow a fuse in your bathroom because of it?
Well I have. 
Let's just put it this way -- getting ready was quite an entertaining experience. 
21 year old. RM. 
He was cute. He was really nice. He was really funny too - and the nice kind of mellow funny. 
Amazing guy, seriously. 
How many guys do you know that just say "Hi, my name is (insert name here)" -- and then say, nice to meet you (insert your name here) and HUG YOU!
Ya. Really polite. Possibly Studio Art/Linguistics major at BYU. 
We got along just fine. 
Probably don't have enough in common for that to go anywhere, but really awesome guy. 
Whoever girl marries him, is gonna be one lucky amazing gal. 
So to that guy, thanks for the amazing date!
Chiles + Balderdash + Curses + Bass Playing + Melodica Playing. 
Amazingly talented, attractive guy. 
If you don't know what a melodica is, you are un-cultured, go look it up.
A little nerve-racking yes. 
Was it worth it?

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
 By: Emma Marie.