i wish you loved this girl. right here.

Just another girl in a twirly dress, 
but she is different,
 different from all the rest. 
From the tips of her toes
 to the top of her head,
from her curves that go round
 to the words that she said.
She's happy to
be just who she is
and not care who knows it 
Why wouldn't you love the Emma who shows it?
So off to this and that and in between, 
just being the girl who she believes. 
She wishes, she dreams, that you loved her too. 
Cause she knows the secrets, 
of the fairytales 
and the old lady who lived in the shoe. 
It was that in all the things that could go bad, 
you love yourself 
and find the glad. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.