I am [not] a doormat.


I am NOT a doormat. 
I'm not a fair weather friend. 
I'm not a second choice.
I am not perfect.  
I'm not an option you can just keep open. 
I'm not a  "leave a message after the beep".
I'm not that girl. 
So, Let's just make one thing clear here -
this is not how it works. 
I will bend over backwards - 
all the time for people. 
But, I can't just have you be my priority 
if I'm only your option.  
I can't solve your life problems, 
if you won't ever hear me out. 
I can't solve your life problems anyways. 
That's you.
I'm not waiting around for you, 
to never see me here. 

It's ridiculous.
I'm through making excuses up, 
just to make me feel better.
I'm done. 
I quit. 
Find someone else to be your doormat.
I am not a doormat.   
I am a stick it out 'til the end friend. 
I am smart and talented. 
I am imperfect. 
I am a girl who has a testimony. 
I am here if you need me. 
I am beautiful. 
I am this girl.