finality & withdrawals

I'm wishing for finality - an irreversible ending. 
It's something that I won't have to argue or debate - or even decide. 
It just is - how it is, and you leave it at that. 
So this is how it is - 
life is crazy, 
I can't call my best friend, 
I can't get on Facebook 
I'm out of milk, cheese, bread, 
really want some real flowers to go in the vase on our table, 
and I have five tests to take in three days. 
(Ya, you do that math on that one)
I think I am currently suffering from a
...ew that sounds gross if I say it like that -- erm try again
I think I am currently suffering from a
milk, flowers, sanity, cheese, best friend, bread, Facebook withdrawal. 
It sucketh. 

-Get more money to buy milk, bread, cheese
-Be more stable to have sanity, get on Facebook
-Wait until January to talk to my best friend and receive flowers

Days until I get more money: 9 days
Days until I'm stable: 3....9....28 days
Days until I get to talk to my best friend: 49 days

I have to survive the next nine days to survive


--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.