Hello, Hand Hugs

There was this one time that I planned this date with a young man named Jacob...three months ago. So we finally got around to having are lovely adventure, double-date, pizza making, comedian conversing, football overtaking date sort of a thing. 

Basically, I had a blast. 
--going out with a bang at the last home football game of the season?

And then what made it even better you ask??
This my wonderful friends is Kessa. 
Kessa, is one of the kind. 
Literally - she is in fact that only Kessa at BYU. 

Oh yes, and that is Jacob and I having a hand hug moment. 
Wait until you see the jelly fish, bigger jelly fish - 
and the whale! 

This Jacob, he's great. He basically warms my soul with laughter. And my hands up with roasted almonds. He's a math major at BYU and he is going on his mission to New Zealand in four months. I'm kinda beginning to wonder why we waited so long?

Erm, wait...nevermind, just ignore that last sentence. 
Well, besides that awkwardness, there was this awkwardness.
Yup, that's right, Rachel and I hate stick on eye blacks. Last home game? why not?

Please ignore my grammatically incorrect post. And thanks, that was fun :)

p.s. December 3rd, better come real quick like a bunny. 
He's making pizza dough, I'm bringing dessert? Any ideas on that anyone?
And we're watching A Christmas Story
--I can't wait.  

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.

By: Emma Marie.