The Adventures of Allen & Emma

 Hello followers, look at your best friends, now back to mine, now back at your best friends, now back to mine. Sadly, they aren't mine, but if you stopped creepin' on your best friend and read the rest of this blog post you could learn to be like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on my blog reading about the guy your best friend could be like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it's a pizza and two tickets to the BYU football game. Look again, the tickets are now a key lime pie. Anything is possible when your best friend is awesome and named Allen.

 I’m on a vacuum. 
Allen, the best friend your friends could be like. 

So, that kid many of you don't recognize, 
his name is Allen, just in case you didn't catch that. 
The best thing about BYU is that you meet people and three weeks later, they're your new best friend.
We met less than a month ago at break the fast, 
and wouldn't you know it -- 
now we're best friends
So here is how this story goes.....

At break the fast less than a month ago, I was standing there - turned to the kid next me and said, "hey, your name is Allen, right?" Indeed it was, so we started talking. He's a cool kid people, just so you know.
After helping clean up I somehow ended up with a large bag of chips. I really wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. (Explain to me how this girl is supposed to get rid of a 3lb. bag of chips without a guys help?) So naturally, being the friendly happy person that I am, said, "Hey Allen, wanna have a chip party?"
So, the next Friday - we did! Chips for all! 
Problem, Mike also invited me up the canyon for a movie, so guess what, we all went? What crazy kid after meeting some random girl twice agrees to go up a canyon at night? Especially in a town he has never really been to before 
-- I guess that's how you make friends these days. 

So we go up, and end up on a back of a trailer holding down a generator, while Rachel tries to take pictures. Umm, what? This is getting ridiculous. So then we watch UP and he freezes to death. 
Silly Texans, winter temperatures are below 55 degrees. Ya'll need to learn about what cold is.
It was so fun, I had a blast! Oh my goodness. 
Then after we went to IHOP, fun much? I think yes. 
You know someone is awesome when they agree to share strawberry Nutella crepes with you. pick-up lines ever. If you were a pirate would your parrot sit on this shoulder or THIS shoulder?
(You know pointing at one shoulder, and then the other, see you end up with your arm around someone)

Fast forward to that picture on the right, see that, that is Key Lime Pie.  
Allen made it for me and my roommates. 
It was the best key lime pie I've had....ever. 
(Yes I know I skipped the awesome story where we had Hot-In-Ready Pizza, watched Harry Potter YouTube videos, laughed a lot or you know just more than a lot, and we went through crunching all the leaves we could find after we walked Daniel to his car, oh look at that, I didn't skip it after all. Seriously, after that night I'm never going to be able to think about Rachel praying the same way again. She's blessing the pizza and says, "Dear Lord, please help us to not gain fifteen pounds. Ha ha ha ha)

So, after that wonderfully delicious pie he brought over, we decided to go get chocolate milk.
Have you had The BYU Creamery's chocolate milk?
It's just so dang creamy. 
(And of course you have to label your milk in college, otherwise those wonderful roommates you have will drink it)
And you know what, if you're gonna have chocolate milk and act like a little kid what better way to spend part of your evening then of course 
So we did go play on a playground, Kiwanis Park anyone?
We swung on the swings, we slid down the wet slides and got all wet, we went on the teeter-tooter, we climbed on the monkey bars, we played tag
 and laughed a whole bunch. 
Have I ever laughed more in my life? 
I'm not sure.  In simple terms, I had a blast. 

And then Allen got hit by an egg. 
Who even throws things out their window at people?
Seriously, it was awful. 
Totally joking, but I'm afraid after last night his roommates are going to think I'm abusive. 
(Note to you: He came home with three bruises, one cut and covered in egg, problem much?)
He got all cleaned up, and what can else can make you feel better, but SONIC!
So we went, he got me a strawberry limeade slush and he got an ocean water. 

....then we came home and I finished my paper, while my roommates and a whole bunch of others went and watched a movie.
 I went later, but it was totally worth missing part of that for all the other adventures. 

So, this is my new best friend. 
Just you know, in case you see him. 
Don't believe me yet?
He was a Drum Major in Texas. Ya that's right bandies, he's legit. 
Oh yes, and he's bringing me homemade bread next week. 

Allen, the best friend your friends could be like. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me. 
By: Emma Marie.