Have you ever paused to think about the word light? Just try for a moment and ponder what life would be like without the word light. It is no coincidence in my mind the word not only means something that serves as kew to viewing something in the darkness but also can similarly be used to represent knowledge.  I've been pondering on this topic for the past few hours and I'm not sure why it has penetrated my mind in such a way. 

After several experiences last night, I finally understood how when Heavenly Father talks about how he cannot appear to us, because the light would be beyond our comprehension. Now, it may be juvenile but to me this always meant that it would be so overwhelming for us to understand that it would just make your mind explode and poof you'd be gone. Today, after talking to a dear friend of mine, it's not that we would explode, but that it was indeed beyond our comprehension. Comprehending as we wouldn't understand it and therefore it would affect us in such a negative way.This could be comparable as to how Jesus taught in parables. If you didn't understand the gospel principle behind the parable serves simply as a good story that you will remember. 

It is also no mere coincidence that the word light is also often used in the context of the light of Christ or charity (also known as the pure love of Christ). That if you have this light, you have love, and you are therefore working towards being a perfect being. That the light of our Father in Heaven is not all powerful, but rather all knowing and more importantly loving. 

There is a truth, a purity, and such an all encompassing charity to that light. 
I guess, it's just been on my mind, because I finally understand it. 
Epiphany moment? Possibly. 
Let's just say this, light, it's a wonderful thing to ponder upon. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
 By: Emma Marie.