Sumthings and Such

Really, I should be doing homework, but am I?
Let's see, I have....
A literature paper
Chemistry worksheets
Chemistry Test
Stats Assignment 3,4,5,6 
New Testament reading
and a Chemistry lab. 
What have I been doing instead you ask?

Don't worry that because the blinds were open in my kitchen I just pretended I was a secret agent. I was sneaking around and rolling across the kitchen floor to close those blinds without being seen by those citizens outside my window.

Or don't worry that, 
 I just danced around my kitchen. Leaping and bounding all over it while I pretended I could whistle, so maybe that whistling while I worked would help me get something done. 

Or don't worry that, 
 I just saw if I could bounce one-hundred times up and down on the couch, while having my arms spread out so that it felt like I was flying. 

Or don't worry that, 
I've been smiling for the last 45 min and my cheeks are starting to hurt
.....okay, maybe worry a little about that one. 

Anyone got any ideas on ways that would help me be productive? 
I really am having WAY too much fun for my own good here - and my goal of graduate school.

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
 By: Emma Marie.