Gee Whiz File -- Thanks Timpview

You know, sometimes your education isn't always about what you learn in the classroom. 
More commonly most of you would refer to this as the "street smarts" that you need.
 Well shucks, thanks Timpview for teaching me these things that I thought I'd never need. 
Gee Whiz file, you've come in handy! 

1) From the Timpview lunchroom itself, always know what's in your food. Has anyone ever had a sandwich there and the outside is labeled ham, but on the inside it's turkey? You have no idea in my four years at the school I had that happen to me. Instead, I learned to examine the sandwich itself. 

College Application: Today, upon going to the bookstore to buy lunch I found a PB&J sandwich with marshmallows in it. Guess who bought that sandwich? I did. 
New PB&J application besides the recently invented PB&J wrap, yup. 

2) Another from the Timpview lunchroom, always check for multiple stickers on your fruit. If you don't do this I guarantee you've eaten at least one sticker before. 

College Application: This is sticker number three on this little baby. 

3) You know those days when you go into the downstairs bathroom in the science wing and after several years you learned that if you push the handle in and jiggle it a little bit it'll flush instead of just pushing down. 

College Application: The BNSN building, exactly the same...guess where I go to the bathroom almost everyday because they're the cleanest. Yup, the BNSN building, thank you new skill. 

4) This may be applicable to almost any part of your life, but seriously, acting like you know where you going when you're going somewhere. 

College Application: Not looking like an idiot so people ask you for directions when you're a Freshman. 

....and well, I guess that's all for now.

BYU Discovery of the Day:
Did you know that the BYU testing let's you bring in food. They also let you move at anytime during your test, either from the music room downstairs, or back up. What?!
That would have been nice to know when I spent 3 hours on a Chemistry test yesterday.

Ridiculous Moment of the Day:
 Sitting on the grass listening to people go by. Dear guy, I didn't want to know that you were a "white trash hottie" but thanks for singing, you have a wonderful voice.

Hope of the Day:
As in high school, it'd still be cool to go to dances. Homecoming anyone? really, that's all. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.