Where You'll Find Me

Somewhere south of the entrance, 
in the Honors Reading Room 
at the HBL, 
this is where I am. 
College it's a growing experience, 
I feel like I learn more and more about myself every single day that I'm here.
I've often wondered why everyone always says that it (this college thing) will be the best experience of your life. No one ever tells you why, they just continual tell you it is going to be awesome.
Sometimes I thought that was to cover up something that no one was telling me.
Want to know the truth?
Well they were both right.
There are a lot of things about college that they don't tell you, as in the fact that you're constantly doing homework for every class and reading anything you can get your hands on.
Note to future college students -- learn how to read a textbook because you're going to be reading them
Really though, it's wonderful here. Why is it wonderful here?
Everyday I get to spend time with my best friend, who will be my best friend until the end of forever.
You also don't realize how much you cherish someone until they're gone,
I miss knowing everyone in my grade.
I miss seeing familiar faces around the halls of the school that I go to.
I miss that - a whole lot.
Mrs. Abbott was right.
(what did I just say that out loud? yes, of course I did, she is a wise teacher and friend).
But really,
I don't know.
There are guys with suspenders and bow ties and books.
Suddenly being smart and loving science is normal.
No one expects me to be a mother, but I want to be anyways.
It's nice to wonder if someone will fall in love with, just the way you are.
Sometimes it's nice to wonder if they're already in love with you already.
It's all this finding here,
you find knowledge, you find people, you find love, you find friends, you find laughter.
And as I said earlier, sometimes that finding is really hard.
So here is where you'll find me,
and hopefully here is where I'll find me.
Miss you all dearly, with love and comments welcome.

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

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  1. Emma, even though they don't demand the motherly role from you there, I think you'll still be that amazing person in their lives who they feel like you care about them. That's important. I'm really glad you're enjoying College and I know I don't have it as bad, but taking 5 AP classes helps me to relate to you when you say you're always reading/doing homework. :)