Ah. Crap. I'm a Cat Lady ALREADY

This is my cat, his name is Jac-Jak, now call me crazy, but he is apart of my family. Now, before you all go up and decide that I'm a cat person, really I'm not. This cat comes when you call him, sits on your lap, sleeps on my feet, and licks my face in the morning at 7:22, without fail. He is pretty special. He sleeps with me when I'm sick, he cuddles with me when I cry and he has woken me up in the night when people were trying to come in through the windows. Really, he is that special. He is one really smart cat. Oh, and yes, at my old house I did successfully take him on a walk -- so there. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do without this cat. He seemed just as lost as I was after my dad died. My sister had sorta forgotten about him, so I took him in. I bottle fed this little guy, I'm pretty much his mother and I'm not sure what I'm gonna do when he isn't there anymore. It's really one of the hardest things about packing up, knowing that in eleven days I'm leaving this little guy; who really he isn't all that little anymore. 

So buddy, Jac-Jak, I'm gonna miss you. 
Call me sappy, but I'm leaving my kid-cat, dog-cat behind. 
Gonna miss you bud. 


--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.