Classic Thief.

So, I may or may not have taken this top from my mother's closet, 
okay, ya, ya, I did. 
But it was in the "I never wear this anyways" part of her closet.
We have this "Daily 5" thing in my YSA ward, 
personally, I dislike it sometimes. 
It means I actually have the opportunity to get dressed every day. 
That's what I keep looking at it as, an opportunity to find something new everyday. 
So here is to today. 
I'm gonna go thrift shop it up, go to the bank, wash my face, see one of my friends, clean my room, do the dishes, go on a run, go on a bike ride, clean some more, oh and smile a lot!
Ya, I know it's almost 3pm, but I woke up late, okay?
Really, I wouldn't have minded staying in what I was wearing already. 
Bubblegum pink sweater free the world! 
For serious, I was having a grand old time "pinning" things and looking at Mormon Mom blogs. 
I was also laughing it up - just for silliness. 
So what if I just sit in my house and laugh for five or ten minutes, it's fun. 
I dare you -- try it. 
Laugh at yourself, laugh at anything, just sit and say ha ha ha ha over and over again. 
You'll laugh. 
It makes you feel better, always. 

On another note, 
I found this song, ever have those days where you just find a song that describes you perfectly?
This is mine. 
I'm ready for something better than this, 
better than my luckless romance and cloudy days. 
I'm Emma and I have this whole amazing life to live. 
So, I guess that's all for today. 
Be warned, thrift shopping...means I'm gonna blog later. 

oh, p.s. here is that song, you should listen to it, it's beautiful. That's all. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.