Fall Breeze + Dress + BYU Camps
= Marilyn Monroe Moment

Fall breeze otherwise known as worrisome wind and a dress on Campus, 
well, it just wasn't good people. 
I'm trying to think of it as a Marilyn Monroe moment. 
I'm trying to hide my embarrassment. 
I was just laying on the grass stood up to get my stuff and right then the breeze just blew up my dress,
wanna hear what was worse? 
Class just got out in the SWKT
(or for you non-zoobies, the Spencer W. Kimball Tower)
So mass people much? Yup. 
Oh and thank goodness, at least I was wearing spandex.
I just smiled and laughed, thank goodness others laughed with me. 
Awkward moment of my day, yes  indeed, so go ahead laugh a little. 
I know dear followers I've been a little skimp on the blog posts lately. 
Well, that's because I was doing Chemistry for three hours yesterday, 
and lack of sleep due to said homework have left me with little time. 
So they might be getting shorter, 
but I'm still here :) 
With love, 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
 By: Emma Marie.