You Just Need To Let People Go

You know those times where you're trying to tell someone that it's semi-vitally important for you to do something with them but you are too nice to really say, hey we really need to do something even though you're not super pumped about it, so you're just passive about it and say okay we can do it another time but on the inside you are holding it against them to not realize you're vague hints at the importance of said activity and somehow you figure that if they knew you well enough they would sense your inner turmoil and know that you really need to do something so that you could solve some concern you have because really this thing you're doing is just a ploy so that you can talk about the inner grumblings of your soul and so you're really hoping that they realize this but then you know that they probably won't so you wait around noting each minute pass by until the hypothetically deadline that you yourself set up for them as the last moment that you could actually do something but really it doesn't exist because they could say hey let's do something at almost any point and you would drop everything and say yes and you also realize that your subtle hints are extremely subtle so it may take them a few extra moments to realize that it is in fact vitally important for you to do something with them right at the moment you set up because really you're not sure when you're going to have any other time and you're sorta sick of dropping everything when they have something wrong in their life so you're just sorta waiting for them to be there for you in yours so you just keep hoping that maybe they'll realize this and you can do something because you left your whole night open so that you could do something and therefore to not think about said activity that isn't going to happen you blog about it?

.....And that's when you realize, sometimes you just need to let people go for your sanity. 
[And for the sake of run-on ramblings on your blog that no one probably wants to read anyways]

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

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  1. Mayson says:

    Oh my freaking heck. So once upon a time, I started reading this and was just like "okay I will come back later..." Then I read came back-- UM EXACTLY. EXACTLY.

    People are dumb.