Inventor of Leggings
♥ I'll love you forever

Today I thought, why in the world would I be sad?
I've got all these wonderful things to be grateful for. 
So, today, I dwelt for a few moments on the things I love. 
Who wants to see if I can pull out twenty-five things that I love and am grateful for from this photo?
Well I'm doing it anyways :)

I love leggings, and their creator, they're so comfy.  
I love cats that creep on my photos, yep, he is pretty creepy.  
I love people that creep on my blog, wall posts, Facebook, etc.  
I love running for a cause. 
I love volunteering for a cause. 
Ah heck, I love causes. 
I love having the potential to change the world. 
I love smiles. 
I love large t-shirts. 
I love messes that I get to clean up. 
I love having a body that can do super cool things. 
I love cameras. 
I love photoshop effects. 
I love photographs. 
I love Mulan style hair buns. 
I love having a childhood that was FILLED with Disney movies. 
I love vaulted ceilings. 
I love that my brain automatically thinks that ceilings is spelled with an "s". 
I love retro colored furniture, filing cabinet, what are those things anyways?
k, we're gonna have to get creative now, ummm....
I love teeth - can you imagine life without teeth?
I love my little ear lobes, thank you for being genetically blessed on that one. 
I love being the "mutt" child and not looking like a twin of my parents, I'm original.
I'm love electricity, thanks Edison for never quitting. 
 I love sunshine for lighting up this photo. 
I love Christmas and the true meaning of it, didn't you see that?
 I spy with my little eye, gift wrap back there in the corner. 

So, can I challenge you to do something for me? 
Find a picture and pick twenty-five things from it that you're grateful for :)
 I wanna see your silly and wonderful lists of life loves. 
Oh,& ummm have a wonderfully SPLENDID day.

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

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  1. oooh THIS is what you were talking about :)