Alright people, it's the moment I've been waiting for. 
Possibly all week, 
possibly all summer, 
possibly all of my whole stinkin' life. 
And yes, I have appropriately named her
Lucee Mac
[you know like Lucy Mack Smith & Emma Smith -- it seemed like a good idea to me!]
So welcome to the family :)
Can't wait to get things going on this beauty
iTunes, Photos, Lion, GAH-it's gonna be so wonderful!
Henree (my iPhone) will finally have a home to sync  up too.
Seriously, life is so good.
Erm -- oh yes and here are some pictures for you, you documenting the amazing experience of opening the wonderful box of happiness and joy and all sorta of magical moments to come!

Oh and just for those of you who read my blog to hear about those random guy adventures. 
Here is another one for you, yep, it really happened. 
It's that moment when I meet a cute guy in the BYU Bookstore, he struck up a conversation with me while we waited in line for 15 minutes. He heard my name is Emma from the guy processing my contract, he then asked what my major was? I said Neuroscience with a minor in Spanish. Pre-Med? He questioned. Nope, just want to be a professor. He tells me that he thinks this is a noble cause, thought about teaching high school - he laughs, okay, ya, good choice he says. He makes some witty comment about teaching high school, but I'm caught up in his laugh. He asks how far I have to go? Two years, 'til the first goal, Bachelor's. Three more, all the generals are done though. He tells me he is pre-med, bio major while minoring in Information Systems. IT? That's sweet. This is the moment he smiles because he gets that I'm a computer girl too. He tells me that the Spanish is amazing, he tells me a joke in spanish, I laughed at the fish joke, it's nada. At this point he had bought his terabyte hard drive.  Then he walks away and says it was nice meeting you Emma, hopefully I'll see you around campus, hopefully soon. I let him walk away. 
This is the moment I think, why didn't I ask for his number?
Ah well, moment of opportunity gone. Run into him on campus? I sincerely hope so.

--and back to the MacBook, Lucee & Lion I think I'm in love. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.