Home is Whenever I'm With You

and BAM....it was here, 
moving day, not sure it's really a day I've dreamed about all my life but it was coming whether I liked it or not
 and I had to get all of my stuff ready between all the crazy other adventures I was having. 
It was scary and exciting and did I mention scary? All at the same time. 
Also, I don't think you realize how much stuff you have in your home or how many things you'll need for a house.
 It's a little strange waking up in the morning, thinking, oh ya we can't have eggs in the morning because we don't have a stinkin' frying pan yet. 
Guess  whose gonna be eating oatmeal and berries for the next three days 'til we get a frying pan?
That's right ME!

So, I'm sure you're all staring at the stuff thinking, 
how did you move all of that into your dorm?
Well ladies and gents, 
this wonderful guy to your left. 
He's my bestest friend in the whole entire world. 
Really, I am not sure I would survive life without him. 
He'll tell you otherwise, but I want you to know, I'm right. 
Let's just recap what he did for me today....
1) helped me move all of my crap
2) set up my WiFi 
3) set up my printer
4) helped me unpack my crap
5) went to my house after I forgot cups and my bed pad, to pick them up for me
6) made me feel better about this whole moving thing
7) had dance parties with me in his car
8) ate churros from Disneyland that were reheated in the microwave and you know what they STILL tasted good

If you don't know this kid, you should. 

So, let's be honest I was terrified about this moving thing, 
but him AND my wonderful fabulous roommate Rachel

She is basically the cutest thing since well, since anything. 
I love her a lot...and I was SO excited for her to be here. 
We moved in together and it was grand. 
You should see our cute matching bed spreads....it's ridiculous. 
I love them SO much

So I guess this, for your eyes only, is what home looks like. 
Feel free to Skype me to see it :) 
Erm...ya, Jessica Skype call..fantastic
It's kinda of weird having a different bed again.
Those are all my photos, 
and OF COURSE being the camera fiend that I am...
well there are four different cameras. 
My bendable man is 
"running to give me a hug"
you know just in case I need it. 
The pillows are blue silver and black
and THERE WILL be a purple one to come. 
So stay tuned people. 
You're gonna wanna see my amazing fantabulous sewing skills. 
Just watch. 

So WELCOME HOME...at least for the next semester, 
Oh my goodness I didn't even tell you the best news I've heard. 
Well....they're getting rid of the old Heritage Halls, 
so Winter Semester....welcome to New Heritage. 
Moving twice, I'm not sure how I feel about that...
but I'll take my ninja printer and signs with me. 
Yes, just in case anyone visits that's a ninja we have an emergency exit plan for them too

Well, I guess it wasn't so scary after all....
And you know, that bestest friend of mine -
well he sat here and made silly faces with me, just to make me smile.
So that, I could laugh and call this home. 
Really I'm just happy and laugh and feel at home, because he's around. 
Woo that we have Stats together! Party! 
And for your viewing pleasure I will now share some of our ridiculousness....

[feel free to laugh, actually, it's encouraged]

As my nephew Westlee would say, 
Thanks friend, so happy to have my roommate here, 
well folks, tomorrow everyone else comes!
Time for sleep time. 

p.s. Holding the "Y" cookie cutter trying to get a good picture, 
well guess they still turned out priceless. 
Laugh It Up, 
that's what life and friends are for. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.