Lens Flares & Life

Lens Flare, stray patch of BRIGHTNESS in a photographic image resulting from aberrant refractions or reflections of scattered light. 

Life,  the course of EXISTENCE  of an individual, based onvarious scattered events. 

Sometimes you find that life changes. Alright, I take that back, most days you find that life changes. It is faster and swifter than anything that you can imagine. The only thing that seems to keep you stable is the decisions you make. The fact and the determination that you will keep standing no matter what happens. Sometimes when you let that happen though a lens flare shows up and everything changes. 

I walked over to one of my best friends in Biology today and I said "Do you love me?" - just in response to the fact that I needed help. Is it wrong to need help? He knew what I meant, he knows me well. I looked up just in time to see another person smile. One of those smiles that you just can't help but fall in love with. Is that okay that I'm letting myself fall again while I'm still running away from something else. I'm not sure if it is...but I hope so. I think so. It might just be semi-ridiculous though. 

My mind just keeps going over the fact that life changes. I know that it will change too fast, and suddenly everything will be just simply a faded memory. Twisted like and turned upside down.  Everything spinning in circles that go round and round. Some eternity, the call it life to spend. Sooner than you know it though, it comes to an abrupt end. 

....And to that, I leave it at this. Life is simply beautiful in a complex way. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography
By: Emma Marie.