Perdiddle -- It's a driving game. 
Ever see those cars with one headlight?
Yeah, you hit the ceiling after that. I'm not sure why it's quite so entertaining. 
I found myself playing it in my car today. 
Spent the whole fifteen minute drive home whacking my ceiling. 
Wanna hear the tragic thing?
It made my glow stars fall off. 
Sad -- huh?
So then I caught the falling stars. 
Princess Diaries? Yes. I started singing Catch a Falling Star. 
Basically it was a challenge to find "Perdiddle" - Catch the Falling Star and then shove it in my pocket all before I would see the next car with a missing headlight. 
(p.s. When you shove glow stars in your pocket while driving the corners poke you and they kinda hurt)
I can imagine that this is probably not the safest driving practice. was fun. 
It was a nice moment just to have a break from the day, there has been a lot on my mind today. And now you're all wondering (or maybe you aren't) -- what's been on my mind?

-Yearbook Deadlines-
-Sterling Scholar Interviews-
-Embarrassing Moments-
-Fire Drills-
-UVU Finals Week-
-Food, just in general-
-AP Biology-
-English Portfolio-

...and that's just the top list. I'm not sure why Fire Drills, but who knows. 
Random Thought For the Day: Have you ever wondered why the call it a drill? Is it just me, or when you think drill, do you think a large swirling power tool? Alright...well that is all. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.