The Heaven Band-Aid Store

Due to the fact that it is Sunday, I wanted to share a sweet story that is very close to my heart. It has turned some thoughts over in my mind about the closeness of Heaven. This past week my nephew's Grandpa on his dad's side passed away. It was hard news to hear, for he was a sweet man. I do not profess to know the designs of my Heavenly Father, for he has a plan, but his time on earth seemed cut short to me. After some turn of events my nephew ended up going to the interment of the body.

 He came home last night and told my sister about how Grandpa was by the box. He came to see where they put his box. How Grandpa had wanted to give Grandma a band-aid. How he told my nephew that he had to go back to Heaven now, but after he went to the Heaven band-aid store, he'd come back with band-aids for everyone. He told my sister he then went back to Heaven. 

To a 3 year old, band-aids equate all sense of comfort and love.
A band-aid is what makes everything okay again.
Is it not sweet to know of the great love those who have passed on, how they are now angels round about us? 
Oh how close Heaven is and how close are the little children who can see it.
 To Westlee Heaven is a place by where rocket ships go. 
To a 3 year old though, you can make a rocket ship out of a simple cardboard box and fly one there anytime, as long as you know where to look of course. Just think about it, is there a place where you can feel your own bit of Heaven? Can you go there anytime? For me it is the love of my savior, the comfort in knowing he knows and loves me and that he sends His angels from the "Heaven Band-Aid Store" just for me. 
May you find a bit of comfort in this too, that there is someone who has your Spider-Man or Toy Story or Hello Kitty or Elmo band-aid and loves you.

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

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  1. Zach says:

    Everyone knows that heaven is in a box of yams. You know it to be true. :P

    Despite my almost-witty comment, I must say I love this post. LOVE.