When it comes down to it......

"People are stupid and just want to be loved. That's the only reason anyone does anything." - Miranda (Grey's Anatomy)

If you want to know the truth, that right there is the truth. It's the only real reason anyone does anything at all. Just think about it....
Why do you eat breakfast in the morning?
Because you love yourself....
Why do you go to school?
Because you love your parents and know they'd die if you didn't go (or you love to learn)....
Why do you blog?
Because you love to write or love to vent or love to think (I mean who doesn't love to think?) or you love Yams...can't forget that one...
Why do you do stuff for your friends?
Because you love them and genuinely care for them.....
Why are you reading this blog?
Because you love what I write, or you love to know what's going on, or because you love me....

I know it's strange...but really, it's the only reason that anyone does anything in this life.
It's also the reason people are so cruel.
Do you love your friends so much that you would hurt someone else. 
Do you turn your back on what you know is right because you're more important, because you being loved by someone else is that much more important. 
....and in the end, does it really matter?

I'm talking about High School. 

Do you put up with someone just to go and gossip about how stupid they are behind their back? Do you go home and brag to all those you love about how amazing you are and do it by putting someone else down? Did you forget to stand up for someone else just so someone else would think you were cool?
Did you not stop to see the person who ate by themselves? Did you walk on by when you knew they needed help? Did you leave them alone just because they were a little bit odd? Were you too caught up with your friends to notice someone else? Were you there when the needed you?

I'm not proud to admit it, but I'm guilty of this too. 

.....So why don't we be better?
Because we want to be loved?
As Damien Rice put it
"You let me down
There's no use deceiving
Neither of us wanna be alone"

Nobody wants to be alone. 
Back to the basics. 
Can't we just all go back to Kindergarten?
A place where the definition of drama was stealing someone's crayons. 
Where being safe was sticking together. 
Holding hands was something you did when you crossed the street. 
Share everything. 
The books taught you to look around you and see the world. 

I guess I'm just back to the beginning, we all just want to be loved. 
Loved makes things complicated it seems to all of us. 
But really it makes things simple, 
if you love, if you really love, 
you are kind, you are honest and you forget about the rest. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

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  1. Emma, your writing is beautiful! I love reading your blog! thanks for putting something good into my day. :)