Who's the Pistachio Lover?

At Wal-Mart in the check-out line....appropriately named...or maybe it should be called the pick-up line, this lady got hit on today. It's odd thinking that people just get hit on at Wally World. I couldn't help but notice them in front of us. It starts out such as this story about the Pistachios and the Baker Man. For your reading pleasure I will type it in the form of a story about this lady and the mysterious Baker Man.
Laughter filled the iced floors of the local Wal-Mart, as a grandmother rolled down the isles towards the check-out stands. A metal shopping cart encompassed two grand boys, bouncing, chattering and glancing at the Christmas cookies placed in crystal clear plastic to showcase their design. Upon entering the line to check-out the grandmother reaches into her cart only to discover another set of hands entered her precisely picked basket of groceries. She looked up to a older man, tosseled brown hair, a five o'clock shadow and a smile that came from his heart that shone in his eyes. He picked up the Pistachios and handed them to her "Who's the Pistachio Lover?" the mysterious man asked, "Oh I am", the grandmother said. "Oh well I always use them to bake, I'm a baker by trade, have you ever tried baking with them?" he asked curiously as he handed her the next grocery item. The mysterious 'middle aged good looking man' -- in the words of  the grandmother, continued to explain his life and how he'd baked for twenty-seven years. After all the groceries we're laid on the rolling conveyor belt and loaded into grocery bags, the grandmother bid the mysterious baker man good-bye. He asked if she came here often, she answered yes, as he waved her off loading his own small clear box of Pistachios onto the conveyor belt that rolled round, round and round as each customer passed through the check-out line. 


  It's odd to think this, I thought things like this only happened in the movies. 
I wonder, who are you mysterious Baker Man? Who are you to hit on people? 
Would I have liked you mysterious Baker Man? 
Odd. Odd to imagine. This is how IT happened. IT happened that one day at Wally World. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
 By: Emma Marie.