Crash Course Week

Crash Course, defined as: a rapid and intense course of training or research
Crash Course = This Week
Need I really say more??
My week in a nutshell
Wake up late, get dressed, run to school like a mad women. 
Panic about Yearbook deadline.
Panic mode. Panic mode. Panic mode. 

Miss 5th period and 7th period due to Yearbook. 
Turn in portfolio, that I finished hurriedly. 
Go running. 

Wake up late, get dressed, meander in late to Journalism lab....again. Ugh. 
Was I really even in Journalism? I think no.
Panic about Newspaper contact, where did my interview go? Could you call me?
Panic mode. Panic mode. Panic mode. 
Go to 6th, miss 8th due to Journalism. 
Come home as speedily as I can, talk to Kristy. 
Miss everything from here to next Tuesday after school. 
Go running. 

Wake up late, once more. What else is new?
Not allowed to go on FBLA Trip. 
Go to Third. 
Miss every other class -- due to Journalism. 
Panic some more + a dash of panic. 
Stayed until 6:30pm. 
Came home, went running. 

Woke up late.....missed every class.
Stayed until 7:30
Went shopping. Tried to breath. 

Woke up late...again. Ran like the wind and slid down three steps trying to make it to third. 
Forgot about FBLA lunch. Oops.
Missed every class but third, again. 
Came home after school. 
Almost died in the snow storm that I tried to drive in at 8:45 at night. 
Wal-Mart photo center, I dislike you. 

Woke up at 8am. Went to breakfast with Santa. 
Ran around being busy all day long. 
Went to Wally World three times. 
Count them. One. Two. Three. 

Woke up late. Really -- can I not be late?
Late to church. 
Came home - read e-mail, is this gonna work?
Stupid long distance. 
 But oh wait, a meeting!
Went to the meeting. 
Loved the meeting. 
Came home....
waiting for Home Teachers. 
And then to study for Biology. 
Dare I say, the cycle will start again?

Oh break. Come faster. 
--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.