Be One in 10,000

So far on my Survey Monkey,
 the majority of you "Want More of It"
I don't really have anything else for you to vote on, 
but I DO have something you can help me out with. 
Not yet though, not until JULY 7TH 2011
put the dang day on your calendars. 
I have this life list, 
it has 565 things on it. 
I know  - it's long. 
One of them is send 10,000+ texts in a month 
(or for tracking purposes, Verizon's 30-day billing cycle)

If you break that down that's 333.3 texts/day, 
assuming that I am awake 14 hours a day,
that is 23.8 texts/hour I'm awake, 
or roughly 1 text/minute and a half 
-- for 30 days. 

It's insane. I know. 
But I figure if there were 333.3 of you sending me 1 text/day - I'd be set. 
The problem is, I don't know if there are 333.3 of you. I'm still strugglin' with that .3
I figure if there is 23.8 of you - okay, okay, 24 of you - this may be possible. 
The way I look at it if there are 24 of you, sending me a text every day I'm going to respond. 
On average we'll probably have a 4 text conversation 
You: Hi! Happy 7th of July
Me: Thanks! How are you? (+1)
You: I'm great, did you hear about the aliens?
Me: The aliens? (+1)
You: They're coming to attack, there is this video on YouTube 
Me: Oh, those aliens I saw that in Journalism (+1) 
You: Oh ya, I remember that 
Me: Yep. Ha ha. Oh well, that was exciting (+1)
...and so it ends. 

so 24 people x 4 texts = 96 texts 
This would only have to happen 3.4 times/day/30 days
and TA-DAH
10,000+ texts, 
obviously it will be much more exciting than that, 
and this isn't an exact science. 

BUT, here is what I'm asking you to do: 
- if you think I can text you.
-- I'm seeing if now is the time to accomplish this goal, can it be done? --

Thanks people. I love you.
p.s. I may or may not have a commenting issues/approval thing, 
so if it doesn't work call me, beep me, you know how to reach me. 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

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