Tell you miss me?

To You, 
Do you miss this face?
Do you miss that smile?
Do you miss me?
Because I miss you. 
I miss you when something really awesome happens - because you're the one I want to tell. 
I miss you when I can't figure something out - because you're the one who made it all seem so simple. 
I miss you when I laugh - because I want to tell you about how silly things are and hear you laugh too.
I miss you when I cry - because you always asked if I was okay. 
I miss you when I type - because typing dots is impossibly hard to avoid. 
And even though inside I know you can't,
 I'd like to think we can --
you know, be friends. 
If that's what you want.
 I can do that.
It wasn't fair of me to ask you to change your mind. 
And yes, I know you're always busy 
- but I'm always busy too, 
I made time for you. 
So, go get your phone. 
It's probably sitting on the desk next to you, or in your left pocket, where ever it is 
pull it out of the cover - unlock it. 
Open the phonebook, contacts, where you put people's names app,
look up my name, 
call me up, 
I won't pick it up, 
but leave me a voicemail. 
Tell me you miss me too?
If you got this far - and you know who you are, 
go up at 18 lines and read it again, it's not that hard, I promise. 
Yep, I did just count again - just to check. 
I honestly do miss you, not just talking to you, but you, you in my life. 
If you can't call, or you won't call, or you don't call 
- texting I miss you is not that hard either?
if you can't or won't or don't do that either, 
I will understand. I will. 
And I'll keep smiling and be glad for all the times we had together anyways. 
Thanks for all the good times -- just in case I don't get to say it again. 

.....and cue response.  

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.

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  1. Mayson says:

    I wonder things like this all the time. :( I love this post. In a sad, but "I am happy someone feels how I feel way"