A Bit Sluggish

I've been watching the cursor pulse for twenty minutes now, 
And I can't think of anything to write -- 
I guess I just need to go to bed, 
it's been a bit of a sluggish day to say the least. 
Of everything that made me smile today, 
of Disneyland, or text messages, of silly moments, 
at the end of the day. 
My life goes on. 
This little guy reminded me of that - he just kept going, even though he found myself on my driveway at 8am. 
Call me crazy, but I hope my mom didn't run over him - because he gave me hope. 
Tomorrow will be another day, 
and another tomorrow will come after that. 
The thing is right now you're reading a blog post about a slug, 
or a snail -- but in the end, does it matter?
People care about the silliest things, 
and in the end it shouldn't matter. 
Because really whether I'm posting about a snail or a slug or a small insignificant creature, 
it's the moral. 
It's the big picture. 
The one with the cement and the slug, snail, bug thing -- 
I think the moral I'm going for is that if you let go of the little things there is this beautiful picture waiting to happen. 
Just be a little bit more open-minded to those around you. 
One step up and it can change your whole perspective. 
And yes I did lay down on my driveway at 8am this morning to take a picture of this guy,
glad to know that there is someone who feels sluggish right along with me. 
And yep, 
you did just read a blog post about a slimy slug snail. 
Goodnight World.
Here is to tomorrows! 

--But this is just another autobiography, examining the prosopography of me.
By: Emma Marie.